Get Reminders Through Facebook Messages for Free With Jarvis
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This post originally covered a tool called FaceReminder, but it’s no longer available so we’ve updated with a better alternative.

Facebook is trying to do it all: it’s a social network, an online marketplace, a gaming platform, and a live streaming app, among many other things. So it’s no surprise that it’s also useful for simpler tasks, like setting up reminders.

Introduced last year, Facebook messenger chatbot Jarvis makes it possible to get reminders directly within Facebook Messenger!

How to Set Up Jarvis

First, go to the Jarvis website. Click the Talk to him on Messenger button to add Jarvis to Facebook Messenger. A new chat window with Jarvis will open up. Just say “Hello” and the first thing Jarvis will ask is what city you’re in to figure out your time zone.

And that’s it — you’re ready to start using reminders. Say “Help” at any time to get examples, to change your timezone, and see your reminders.

How to Set a Reminder

To set a reminder, you just have to tell Jarvis what to remind you and when. If you want a reminder to pick up milk at 6 PM tomorrow, use the following message:

“Remind me to pick up milk tomorrow at 6 PM.”

You’ll receive a message through Facebook messenger at that time with your message.

You can also use specific dates and times, or periods of time. For example, you can say:

“Remind me to feed the dogs in 20 minutes.”

Get Reminders Through Facebook Messages for Free With Jarvis Jarvis Facebook

Make sure you have desktop or mobile notifications enabled so you don’t miss the reminders!

What other creative or useful ways do you use Facebook messenger? Let us know in the comments.

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