Facebook Strikes Again: How to Turn Off Autoplaying Videos and Sound
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Facebook hasn’t rolled out an update that drives its users crazy in a while, so now seemed like a good time to do that. The site already loves targeting you with relevant ads, which sometimes include videos.

For a while, when you came across a video in your News Feed, it would auto-play by default with the sound off. This is irritating because it can waste your mobile data, but at least it doesn’t blast the volume for everyone else to hear, right?

Well, it’s gotten worse.

Videos on Facebook’s mobile app now automatically play with the sound enabled (unless your phone is on silent). Besides the fact that you might not want to hear a video at a particular time, having a video blare out in public by accident is embarrassing.

Facebook has alerted users of this “new feature” via a notice in the mobile app:

Thankfully, you can turn this feature off (for now).

On Android, tap the three-bar Menu button in the upper-right corner. Choose Settings from the resulting menu, then hit App Settings. The first setting in this list is Videos in News Feed Start With Sound. Turn that sucker off and they’ll stay quiet.

On iOS, tap the three-bar menu and select Settings. Choose Account Settings > Sounds, and turn off Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.

Of course, it couldn’t be too easy. If you interact with a video and thus enable its sound, this setting will enable itself again and you’ll have to follow the steps to turn it off. How convenient!

Frankly, you may want to ditch Facebook’s official app altogether and use the mobile website. Aside from introducing stupid “features” like this, the official app also takes up a ton of space, asks for a boatload of permissions, uses your data, and sucks your battery. We recommend downloading an alternative wrapper.

Do you like the automatic sound on videos or did you disable it? Will you consider leaving the official Facebook app for an alternative? Tell us by leaving a comment!

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  1. Trevor Gridley
    August 2, 2017 at 7:54 am

    I deleted both Facebook Messenger and the Facebook App in the last month and my phone works much better since then. Everyone I'm interested in hearing from has been told I don't use Facebook much anymore, it is just an add serving platform anymore anyway, so don't try and contact me there. I haven't gone so far as to delete my account, but only visit the site once a week at most so that will most likely happen in the not too distant future.