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Facebook Is Testing Reddit-Style Downvotes

Dave Parrack 30-04-2018

Facebook is currently testing a Downvote button. This is only a small test limited to Australia and New Zealand, but it’s a test nonetheless. And if the feature is ever rolled out to everyone then expect all of your friends to express opinions on your comments.


In February 2018, we reported how Facebook was experimenting with the idea of letting people Downvote comments Facebook Is Testing a Downvote Button Facebook is currently testing a Downvote button for comments. And despite what you might have read, this isn't a Dislike button. Unfortunately. Read More , which would then flag it for moderation. However, the test now seems to have evolved into proper Reddit-style Upvote and Downvote options.

Upvoting the Idea of Downvotes

Facebook’s Like button is now the stuff of legend. We all know what it signifies and we all use it regularly to let people know we have seen their post or comment without having to reply. Unfortunately, Facebook has resisted all calls to add a Dislike button.

However, Facebook IS now actively testing Upvotes and Downvotes for comments. Just like Reddit. Facebook is pitching this feature a little differently than Reddit, suggesting this is to let you vote up good comments and vote down bad comments.

The reality is people will use this however they want. Which, for most Facebook users, means giving comments they agree with an Upvote and comments they disagree with a Downvote. Which makes this system no different than having Like and Dislike buttons.


It isn’t yet clear what Upvotes and Downvotes will actually do. They could move comments up and down, making the popular comments more visible. Or maybe they’ll do nothing but show a number representing how many Upvotes versus how many Downvotes.

Facebook Is Serious This Time

This is currently just a test, and a small one at that. However, we know that Facebook has been testing different forms of Downvotes for at least three months, so it’s obviously seriously considering enabling this across the board at some point in the future.

If Facebook ever does enable Upvotes and Downvotes, it would mean there’s a lot of different things to take notice of when scrolling through your News Feed. After all, Facebook’s various Reaction options What Are Facebook's New Emotive Buttons Really Like? Over the past few weeks I've been watching as Irish Facebook users reacted to, adopted and used the new emotive buttons. Here's what I found. Read More already tell us what people think of our posts.

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  1. CC Waterback
    May 7, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    No way this ever happens. The snowflakes would get their feelings hurt with the first down vote and retreat to the cry closet.