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Facebook Photo Appraiser: Find Similar Images To Your Friends’ Facebook Photos

Joshua Lockhart 18-05-2013

Do you have friends who are really interested in photography? Have you ever had a friend post a landscape photo that just looked cool? Maybe you wanted to use their image for a graphic or a blog post, but it was a little too awkward to ask them if you could use it. Perhaps they were total jerks and said, “Absolutely not!”


Facebook Photo Appraiser is a Firefox add-on that adds in a “Similar Images” button right alongside the “Like” and “Share” buttons. As you might expect, the button will help you find similar images to whatever image you are on. It does this by running a reverse Google Image search that finds images that are closely related to the one that you have selected.

find similar images on facebook

Alternatively, this could help you find fake Facebook profiles How To Spot a Fake Facebook Account & Stay Safe [Weekly Facebook Tips] According to a fairly recent estimate by Facebook, there are around 83 million fake accounts on the social network. Sure, a few of these are duplicate accounts or businesses using personal accounts instead of pages,... Read More . If someone has pulled their profile picture right off the Internet (a la searching “hot college girl pictures that will conceal the fact I’m a forty-year-old man”), then you ‘ll be able to do this much more quickly and easily.

Usually, you have to copy the image URL (or download the image and then upload it to Google once more), but this lets you skip a step.

facebook photo appraiser firefox add-on


Realistically speaking, the Facebook Photo Appraiser Firefox add-on is totally simple. It does one thing, but it does it well. Whether you’re wanting to find similar images for your personal projects or doing a little detective work, it’s quite effective and worth the installation.


  • Finds visually similar images to Facebook photos.
  • Can track down identical images.
  • Functions just like a standard Facebook feature.

Install the Facebook Photo Appraiser Firefox add-on [No Longer Available].

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