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20 Facebook Pages Every Designer Needs to Follow

Rob Nightingale 20-07-2017

Facebook should be a top choice for any new or experienced designer in search of non-stop inspiration and information. But sifting through all those design-related pages and groups to find the absolute best can be a nightmare mission.


But as we always try to do here at MakeUseOf, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

Listed below are our top recommended Facebook pages (and a few groups) that all designers should follow and join. And for any we might have missed, please leave a link in the comments below!

1. Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine facebook

With almost 300,000 likes, Smashing Magazine is a leading design-focused Facebook page. And it’s by far one of our favorites. Although it’s aimed primarily at web designers and developers, graphic designers How to Be a Profitable Online Graphic Designer If you're a graphic designer struggling to turn a profit, all is not lost. Here are some tips for getting your freelance career back on track. Read More will find plenty of value, too.

Rather than “just” seeming like the Facebook page of a magazine, however, this feels like an actual community. Questions are posed, and tons of answers are given. Conversations flow. Free fonts The 8 Best Free Font Websites for Free Fonts Online Not everyone can afford a licensed font. These websites will help you find the perfect free font for your next project. Read More and icons are offered. And, yes, quality articles are of course linked to.


2. Creative Market

creative market facebook

At its core, Creative Market is a site offering free and premium fonts, templates, themes, add-ons and more. But their Facebook page brings their best products together while sharing articles that most designers won’t be able to help but read.

You’ll find roundups of fantastic fonts, free templates, design tutorials, images only designers could find funny, and much more.

3. HOW Design

how design facebook


Almost half a million graphic designers follow HOW Design magazine’s Facebook page, and for good reason.

Yes, the magazine publishes some of the best content for graphic designers out there. But their Facebook page also regularly features work from award winning designers, making this not just a fantastic place for quality information and tips, but also for far-reaching inspiration.

4. Envato Tuts+

envato tuts+ facebook

Envato is a huge digital assets marketplace. Whatever design assets you need, you can probably find them on Envato. Yet whether you buy from Envato or not, you should probably still like their Facebook page.


Almost all the content posted is aimed at improving your technical design abilities. From Photoshop tips and tricks to comprehensive guides on various design topics, you’ll always be learning something new.

5. Digital Synopsis

digital synopsis facebook

Compared to the other pages in this list, Digital Synopsis is relatively small, with 55,000 likes. But the quality of the articles shared is up there with the best.

A lot of the links posted revolve around fascinating design trends and news, such as these mesmerizing special effects. There’s also plenty of content aimed at helping you further your career as a designer Is Art School Necessary for a Career in Graphic Design? If you want to pursue a career in digital arts or graphic design, is it worth getting a degree? Can you get by without one? What exactly does the degree do for you, anyway? Read More .


6. Canva

canva facebook

Although Canva is a tool aimed mainly at amateur designers Create Attractive Graphics Without A Design Background On Canva Read More , its Facebook page offers value to anyone in the industry. Not necessarily technical value, but definitely inspirational value.

On the page itself, you’ll find a range of content: stories of designers and their products, videos to help designers run a more successful business, design inspiration, and design articles from around the web. It’s a great concoction that you’ll probably never get bored of.

7. Creative Bloq

creative bloq

As a company, Creative Bloq is all about art and design inspiration. Their Facebook feed is essentially a stream of the content published on their website, but it’s worth following nonetheless.

The content covers pretty much all areas of design. Graphic, UX, 3D, it’s all there in spades. Whether that’s tutorials, or design news and trends.

8. Goodtype

goodtype facebook

If you’re a sucker for great typography, follow Goodtype. Seriously. Beautiful images of font sketches. Videos of designers at work. Links to articles where we can all geek out about typography.

This really is a place you can truly feel at ease as a typography nerd The Ten Commandments of Typography Thou shall not use Comic Sans. Read More .

9. Awwwards

awwwards facebook

All web designers should arguably be following Awwwards. The company hosts design conferences and award ceremonies around the world, but don’t worry if you can’t attend.

A number of recorded talks are regularly posted to the Facebook page. On top of this, there are plenty of videos and images showing innovative design ideas, from funky 401 page designs, to slideshows of awesome designer portfolios. If you’re looking to frequently see highlights of cutting edge web design, this is definitely a page worth following.

10. Graphic Designers are Hotter than Architects (Group)

graphic designers are hotter than architects facebook

Did anyone ever tell you not to judge a Facebook Group by its name? Well, it’s certainly true in this case. With 15,000 members, the group is relatively small, but there’s a constant stream of interesting links, and inspiring designs being posted by its members.

It’s this kind of curation of content that’s the real beauty of Facebook groups. And this group certainly doesn’t disappoint. A quick browse through its feed, and you’ll soon top up your read-later list.

11. Identity Designed

identity designed facebook

If, like me, you love drooling over beautiful identity designs, you should join almost 200,000 other people who love the exact same thing. This is a Facebook page dedicated solely to showcasing stunning identity design, day in, day out.

That covers everything from food trucks, and protein shakes, to smartphone apps, and web design.

12. UX Magazine

ux magazine facebook

Focused exclusively on “experience design,” UX Magazine’s Facebook page is a must for anyone wanting to learn how to produce ever-better UX designs.

It’s not all tutorials and listicles, though. The magazine publishes a ton of more thoughtful content such as articles on the anthropology of chatbots and webinars on the benefits of prototyping.

13. Web Design Tuts+

web design tuts+ facebook

If you’re after more technical web design content, follow Web Design Tuts+. You’ll be treated to a stream of tips and tutorials on how to better use all the major design apps.

Following the content on this page will ensure you’re always improving 7 Practices Pro Designers Are Using To Improve Their Business Running a business is very taxing, but it doesn't need to be that way. Read More and building on your knowledge as a web designer.

14. Free Design Resources

free design resources facebook

Always on the lookout for free, but quality, design resources? This is the page for you.

From fonts and paper textures, to book cover templates and photo packs, every single day you’ll be adding to your design asset library.

15. Designmodo

designmodo facebook

Another graphic and web design magazine, Designmodo brings you a wealth of articles covering a huge range of topics. Tips on designing hotel websites. Interviews with designers. Lists of design tools. Design news. It’s all there.

16. Print Magazine

print magazine facebook

“Print is a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design,” which has been running since 1940. And no, it’s not solely dedicated to print design. You’ll find an eclectic mix of content relating to amination, book design, motion graphics — the lot.

And with the eclectic mix comes a bewildering array of design inspiration. This is pulled from every decade, and every style imaginable. Perfect for some far-reaching influences.

17. Communication Arts

communication arts facebook

If you work in any kind of visual communication, Visual Arts is a Facebook group you’ll love. That includes graphic designers, art directors, illustrators, web designers, and photographers Improve Your Photography With These 8 Facebook Groups Want to improve your photography? These Facebook groups will help you. You'll find constructive feedback, tutorials, and tips on everything from framing to editing. Read More .

As you can imagine, you’ll be kept up to date with a whole host of industries. New printing techniques, innovative web design, incredible photography, and revolutionary storytelling. This is a page you’ll never get bored of.

18. Graphic Designers (Group)

graphic designers facebook

For a friendly place to meet other graphic designers, get feedback on your work, and offer constructive criticism to others, this is a fantastic group to join. The entry requirements are pretty strict, though. You have to answer a few questions to prove you’re a designer, but once you’re in, the value just keeps on coming.

The aim of the group is “for Graphic Designers to share Ideas, Tips, Artwork, Projects, etc.” Be prepared for plenty of inspiration and opportunities to help other designers.

19. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop facebook

It goes without saying that Photoshop has an awesome Facebook page. The number of tips, tricks, tutorials, interviews, and designs will send you dizzy. If you’re a daily user of Photoshop, be sure to keep up to date with all of its latest capabilities via its Facebook page.

20. Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator facebook

Just as with the Photoshop Facebook page, the Illustrator Page is a must for anyone who often uses this app alongside any of Adobe’s other apps Your Guide to Choosing the Right Adobe Product When most people think of Adobe, they either think of Photoshop or Acrobat Reader. But the company has a plethora of other useful software packages that most people know nothing about. Read More .

As a fan of the page, you’ll be offered the occasional free Adobe Stock templates, tutorials to up your Illustrator game Teach Yourself Adobe Illustrator for Free Adobe Illustrator has long been the illustration tool of choice for graphic artists. Ready to bring your designs to life? Here's how you can learn Adobe Illustrator for free. Read More , and tons of design examples to keep you inspired.

What Else Are We Missing?

Like and follow all of these pages and groups, and you’ll be inundated with design news, tutorials, and examples every time you open Facebook. But even if you follow just a few, you’ll find tons of inspiration, and information to help you excel at your craft.

That being said, this is not an exhaustive list. There are bound to be plenty more fantastic Facebook groups and pages that we’ve yet to discover. If you know any of these, let us know in the comments below!

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