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Facebook Messenger Upgrades With Group Creation & Message Forwarding

Mark O'Neill 29-03-2014

Facebook chatterers, check your iPhones, as the new version of Facebook Messenger is now available. This one is version 4.0 and comes with two nifty new features.


Only available for iOS at the moment, the new Facebook Messenger comes with the ability to easily create groups, as well as forwarding IMs to other people.

The groups feature is something which could be aimed at WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) as they have the same feature. You can group people together into one conversation, and you can all chat together at the same time. Perfect for work discussions with colleagues, and general hanging out with friends.

Be careful when constructing your groups though, as each person in the group is instantly notified that they have been added. So don’t make any groups called “people I really hate”. Because then they will be told, and well….you’d better have a good explanation ready.

Facebook Messenger Upgrades With Group Creation & Message Forwarding 2014 03 28 18

Message forwarding is also a cinch. Simply keep your finger pressed down on the section of the message that you want to forward to another Facebook contact. It will then come up with three options, one of which is “forward”.


Facebook Messenger Upgrades With Group Creation & Message Forwarding messengerfwd

Pressing “forward” will then bring up other Facebook contacts. Simply choose which lucky person gets the message, and it will be sent.

The new version also has the usual kaboodle of bug squashes and speed boosts, which are not totally exciting. Not when you are constructing groups and forwarding your one-liners.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the groups function being added. Do you think this is an attempt to undercut WhatsApp?

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