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Facebook Messenger Lite Is the App We’ve All Been Waiting For

Mihir Patkar 05-10-2016

If your Android smartphone is running slow or running out of battery too quickly, one app might be to blame: Messenger. Facebook’s instant messaging app has been found to use a lot of resources and drain batteries. There’s some good news now as Facebook has launched Messenger Lite.


The new app is aimed at older Android devices or at people in countries where network connectivity is an issue. That’s why Facebook is launching it in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela. But don’t worry, we have a way for YOU to install it right now.

How to Install Messenger Lite

Unlike iOS, Google’s Android lets you easily sideload apps, i.e. manually install them. You need to download an APK file to your phone. Then follow our guide to sideloading apps on Android How to Manually Install or Sideload Apps on Android Want to sideload apps on your Android phone? Installing APKs manually on Android opens up a whole new world of apps, and it's easy to do. Read More .

To get the APK, you should go to a trusted APK source. We recommend APK Mirror, where you can download the latest version of Messenger Lite.

APK Download for Facebook Messenger Lite App

Of course, if you are staying in any of the aforementioned countries, skip the APK. Instead, download and install the app from the Play Store.


DownloadMessenger Lite for Android (Free)

DownloadMessenger Lite APK from APK Mirror (Free)

What’s Messenger Lite?

Messenger Lite is a stripped down version of Facebook’s instant messaging app. It doesn’t have all the features of the main app, but it gets the job done.

You can chat with all your friends like you always do, and even use Messenger chat bots for additional services 10 Awesome Facebook Messenger Bots You Aren't Using A few months ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would be introducing bots in its popular Messenger app. They're basically AI assistants for specific tasks and services. Read More . The full contact list is available to chat.


Apart from text messages, users can send images as well. The only other form of communication is to send a Like with a single tap.

Facebook Messenger Lite Recent Contacts

However, there are certain features missing from the main Messenger app. For example, you can’t share your location with someone. You also can’t send stickers, one of the coolest things about Messenger. That said, you can still see stickers that others send you.

The biggest missing feature, though, is that you can’t make voice calls. Messenger’s free voice calls are a great way to connect with people in other countries without incurring international call rates. But with Messenger Lite, that’s not an option.


Why Choose Messenger Lite Over Messenger

If you’re on an older Android, you need to save on space with lighter apps Low on Storage? Save Space on Android With Great Apps Under 10 Megabytes Running low on storage space on your phone or tablet? These tiny apps should be able to remedy that! Read More . That’s what Messenger Lite does. It clocks in at less than 10 MB, while the main Messenger app takes up over 50 MB. In fact, Messenger Lite will even download faster on slow connections.

Apart from saving storage space, Messenger Lite also runs faster on slow hardware. Even if you don’t have the latest and greatest processor or a whole lot of RAM, you should be able to get the Messenger experience.

Facebook Messenger Lite Settings Notifications

Finally, Messenger Lite won’t run in the background when you shut it down, or run automatically when you start the phone. All of these features will make your battery last much longer.


Can It Replace Messenger Completely?

Much as Facebook Lite isn’t a worthy replacement What Is Facebook Lite and Can It Replace Facebook? What is Facebook Lite? Here's everything to know about what Facebook Lite is and how it differs from the standard Facebook app. Read More , Messenger Lite also misses the mark. Both these apps are meant to be basic versions and nothing more.

Unfortunately, while we hoped Messenger Lite would be better about permissions, it isn’t. We already know that Facebook Messenger asks for intrusive permissions How Bad Are Those Facebook Messenger Permissions Anyway? You've probably been hearing a lot about Facebook's Messenger app. Let's quell the rumors and find out if the permissions are as bad as they claim. Read More , and so does Messenger Lite.  It still accesses similar areas like contacts identity, reading text messages, controlling the camera and microphone, and reading or deleting data from the SD card.

Facebook Messenger Lite Permissions

If privacy and permissions are a concern, there are already some some alternative Messenger apps for desktop and mobile 7 Best Facebook Messenger Apps for Desktop and Mobile Like Facebook Messenger, but want more flexibility? Don't worry, third party developers have your back. Here are the best Facebook Messenger apps you can get, apart from the official one. Read More . Lite Messenger for Android is much better at protecting your data.

So Who Is Messenger Lite For?

All said and done, Messenger Lite isn’t only for crappy Androids Facebook Launches Messenger Lite for Crappy Androids Facebook is launching a new, lighter version of its Messenger app called Messenger Lite. This will enable those with crappy smartphones to enjoy Facebook Messenger just like the rest of us. Read More . There’s a great use-case scenario for it.

If you are someone who wants to be available on Messenger but doesn’t use it frequently, then this is the perfect app. You’ll be able to available to chat with people like you wanted to, but it won’t be draining resources or battery Find out Which Apps Are Killing Your Android Battery If you're getting poor battery life on your device, you likely have an app abusing your battery in the background. Find out how to identify those apps and solve your battery problems. Read More .

Messenger Lite is important. Facebook has announced that it won’t let users send messages through the main Facebook app or through the mobile web site. Messenger Lite is a wonderful way to keep messaging without any problems.

Will You Use Messenger Lite?

The new Messenger Lite app may not work for everyone, but I’ll definitely be installing and using it. As someone who doesn’t use Messenger often, it’s a great lightweight alternative.

What about you? Will you be installing Messenger Lite and getting rid of the bloated Messenger from your phone?

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  1. Sam
    February 24, 2018 at 7:47 am

    Simple to understand mot techy hard brained thankyou very mich

  2. Meg Gordon
    December 13, 2017 at 11:52 am

    I dont like it because i cant get any answers as to why i cant play videos that have berrn sent to me, surely there is an answer to this problem

  3. Mark Messinger
    May 12, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    This one's a little too "light," for my needs. Messages remain un-sent, hours after they are composed and the sent button is selected. And, if messages are sent using other connections to Facebook Messenger, they don't refresh and appear in the Lite application, for hours (sometimes days) later.

    That's far too light, for my needs. So, Messenger Lite is now uninstalled from my LG G4.

    But, it was a nice thought, anyway. I surely could use a less battery-and-connection-intensive version of Facebook Messenger.

  4. Lagittaja
    October 8, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Nice one!
    I installed Messenger Lite as I don't need the extra features of the full fledged Messenger app and would appreciate less resource use as I only need message and image functionalities.
    So far so good. Messenger used 146MB of storage and average memory usage was 154MB.
    Messenger Lite is using 15.36MB of storage, memory use was 10-12MB after boot, after three hours it was sitting at 28MB and so far the average number is hovering around 35-40MB of memory. Seems good.

    "Finally, Messenger Lite won’t run in the background when you shut it down, or run automatically when you start the phone."

    This is not 100% correct. If it were, then that would defeat the point of instant messaging.
    If I back out of Lite, it will keep running, like it should.
    If I swipe away Lite from "recent apps" while watching running services, Lite restarts itself, like it should.
    If I reboot my device, Lite will start with Android, like it should. You know, it was running before...
    If I stop the service, then the service will be cached by Android, like it should.

    However if I stop the service and then reboot, Lite will not be running nor cached after boot.
    That part is correct from the above statement as the regular Messenger will happily restart itself upon boot.
    But! The above will not be true unless you manually force stop Messenger Lite or use some useless hoohaa app killer.

  5. Sam Abdu
    October 6, 2016 at 4:47 am

    Well if it is a stripped version of the messenger app that doesn't come with video/audio chatting then why would it require permissions to control camera and microphone? I ditched it for now because of this reason.

    • Andrea Ippolito
      October 7, 2016 at 6:50 am

      I was wondering about the same.
      My solution is root + Disable application app. I browse fb from tugaBrowser, when I see a fb messenger notification on my wall, I re-enable fb messenger and read/reply to it, then disable it again to prevent draining. Of course this only works if you use it to interact with very few people and occasionally, which is my case (otherwise I WhatsApp)

    • Lagittaja
      October 8, 2016 at 2:55 pm

      Well, gee. Let me think.
      Camera? Maybe because with Lite you can still take/send pictures..
      Microphone? This however I've no clue.
      If you're on Marshmallow (or later) then disable the permissions you don't want it to access.
      If you're on Lollipop, try using App Ops app to control them, afaik you don't need root for it but don't quote me on that..
      If you're on 4.3 or 4.4, you can use App Ops to launch the stock App Ops.
      And if you're on 4.4.2, you can use the App Ops app to set permissions but you need root.
      Otherwise you're out of luck.

      I however am lucky as I've Marshmallow on my phone so I've set Lite's permissions as follows:
      disabled: Contacts, Microphone, Phone and SMS (don't want Lite to access these)
      enabled: Camera and Storage (these I need)
      Works just fine.