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The 8 Best Facebook Instant Games to Play With Friends

Sandy Writtenhouse Updated 10-06-2020

Playing a game by yourself is fine and all but playing games with friends is even better. If your friends are far away, you can still challenge each other using Facebook Instant Games.


These Facebook Instant Games are available on the web and mobile devices. Just log into Facebook, head to the gaming section, and prepare for a battle against your bestie.

How to Play Facebook Instant Games

If you are unfamiliar with the Facebook Games section on the web, you can find it in the left-hand menu under Explore. Just make sure that you are on the Facebook homepage and not your profile page. When you arrive on the gaming page, select the Instant Games tab from the top.

facebook instant games web

On your mobile device, Games shows up as its own category in the Facebook menu. On the Gaming screen, tap Play Games.


This cool list of Instant Games includes genres from puzzles to word games to sports challenges. What’s awesome about playing these on the web is that you don’t have to load a separate page, install an app, or play on Facebook Gameroom. Plus, it’s just as easy on your mobile device.

Once you click that Play Now button, you get to play the game in a browser pop-up window. When you’re done, just click the top-right X to close the window without fuss. And, since you are logged into Facebook, your scores and spots are saved for certain games. You can pick up where you left off on another device if you want to do so later.

For a quick game that you can play while on a break or waiting for a Facebook friend to reply to your message, check out these fast and fun options. To locate one of them, just pop the game name into the search box at the top of the Gaming section on the Facebook website or mobile app.

1. Jewel Academy


For match-three puzzle challenge, Jewel Academy is a great choice. Your objectives begin with reaching a target score within a certain number of moves by matching three or more gems. But soon you move onto more difficult levels that limit the time you have to reach the required score.

Try to create chain reactions for a quick high score. And, if you swap groups of four or more, you receive special gems that clear rows or blocks of jewels. One highlight of Jewel Academy is that your progress automatically saves. So, you can pick up on the level you left off whenever you open the game again.

For more games like this, take a look at these cool puzzle games you can play in your browser 20 Cool Puzzle Games You Can Play Free in Your Browser Browser-based games are perfect for a quick casual game. Pick one from these quick puzzle games to stimulate your brain. Read More .

2. Mahjong Trails Blitz

mahjong trails blitz facebook web


Mahjong Trails Blitz is a fun game for fans of the genre. You score by making pairs of monkeys, watermelons, and mushrooms in classic Mahjong style.

There is only one catch: you must be fast! You have just over one minute to make as many matches as you can and score. Can you clear the board?

3. Super Dash

Platformer fanatics, it’s your turn with Super Dash. Your ultimate goal is to score as many points as possible by collecting coins as you jump your way through the neighborhood. Hop over hills and spring over boxes before getting too pooped to run any further.


You’ll come across helpful items like springs and food that give you extra oomph or more time on the clock. Watch out for danger, redeem coins for boosts, and climb the leaderboard in this funky adventure.

4. 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool facebook website

If you’re up for a game of billiards, check out 8 Ball Pool. You can play one-on-one against your pal or a Quick Fire game to hone your skills against the timer. Then, cue up your stick for a game of classic 8- or 9-ball in this turn-based sport.

Aim and then pull back on your pool stick to make the shot. A handy meter on the left side shows you just how much power you’re putting into your move. When you can’t get to the pool hall in person, challenge a Facebook friend to a game of 8 Ball Pool.

5. Words With Friends

words with friends facebook website

You’ve likely heard of Words With Friends as this hugely popular game has been around for quite some time. Take turns creating words with the letters you receive in a Scrabble-style one-on-one challenge.

The longer your word, the higher your score. And don’t miss out on those double and triple letter and word tiles to make your score soar. The player with the highest score once all letters have been played wins. Will it be you?

For similar games, check out our list of fun, free online word games These 10 Free Online Word Games Spell Fun When You're Bored Want to do something enjoyable when you're bored? These 10 free online word games will challenge you and provide plenty of puzzles for your down time. Read More .

6. Draw Something

draw something facebook website

Draw Something challenges you to draw a picture for your friend to guess. You’ll select from a list of random words which is great because you have choices for what you must draw.

Your friend sees a stroke-by-stroke replay of what you draw and must guess what it is. To help them out, they see the number of letters in the word and scrambled letters for it. Earn badges, unlock achievements, and become the ultimate Draw Something artist in this fun game of sketch.

7. Master Archer

To add a little sport to this list, you can try your archery skills in Master Archer. Tap (mobile) or click (web) and hold down to aim the arrow. Then, release to shoot the fruit from atop the boy’s head. You get three arrows to try your shot, points for every hit, and bonuses for consecutive successes.

As you continue to do well, you will have to aim from further, closer, or as the tree the boy stands on begins to move. If you’re up for the task, take your best shot in the enjoyable Master Archer.

8. Daily Sudoku

daily sudoku facebook web

If you like playing Sudoku, then check out Daily Sudoku. You can challenge yourself or a friend to a fresh puzzle each day. Choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty levels and use pencil or pen for temporary or permanent answers.

You score five points for correct answers and lose 100 points for answering incorrectly. But if you answer several correctly in a row, you will receive a multiplier to boost your score.

Have Fun With Facebook Instant Games

Facebook’s Instant Games are not only fun with friends, but enjoyable on your own when you have a few moments to spare. Challenge yourself without the hassle of downloads or apps and still enjoy friendly competition when your name climbs the leaderboard.

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