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Facebook, Instagram & Vine Video Uploads Made Easy on Windows Phone 8.1

Christian Cawley 18-08-2014

Windows Phone has finally come of age with the 8.1 update Everything You Need To Know About Windows Phone 8.1 Security If you're using a Microsoft account across multiple devices, losing your phone could get you into a whole lot of trouble. Let us show you how you can keep your phone secure. Read More , which means among the improvements there is superior support for video uploading.


We’ve looked at the topic of video uploading on Windows Phone previously (see below) and found that the options were sadly limited. I’m pleased to report that this is something that seems to have been resolved, certainly among the more popular, well-known apps and services, which means that if you have a video clip on your phone that you want to share, you can do so.

Along with YouTube, it is now possible to upload videos on your Windows Phone device to Instagram, Facebook (without it first being uploaded to OneDrive) and Vine.

Facebook Video Uploads Improved

Sharing photos with Facebook has always been as simple as you would expect on Windows Phone, but videos less so.

With the most recent update of the official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8.1 devices, the ability to directly upload videos from your phone has been added.



All you need to do is begin a new status, tap camera > video upload, and then select the clip you wish to share. You can then add a description, tag friends and even specify a location where the video was recorded before uploading. As you can see, the Facebook app will even rotate the video so that it plays back at the correct orientation.

What used to happen is that videos were shared from their OneDrive upload location, which meant that anyone wishing to view the clip would have to click through to a shared OneDrive page.

Not ideal!

This method is far superior, and what users expect.


Instagram? Sorry, You’ll have To Use 6Tag

Instagram has been in beta for Windows Phone for quite some time now, and while the app is a perfectly good one, it is missing a few features, including video uploads.


For Windows Phone users this is clearly frustrating, but it’s not something they should bemoan. Instead, the free 6Tag Instagram client supports video recording and uploads to the popular service.

One drawback is that you cannot upload already-recorded videos. Instead, you’ll need to switch to video mode (swipe left to right on the main menu) and record your clip there before uploading. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Instagram has a 15 second limit on videos.


After your clip is recorded you can review it, but note that there is no facility to add filters and adjust brightness etc.

I Saw It On The Vine

The third new way to upload videos from your Windows Phone to a service where they can be easily shared is the official Vine app, also free.


If you’re using Vine already, you’ll know that you can sign in with a Twitter account or create a new login based on your email address. The Windows Phone app will get you started quickly, but like Instagram you will only be able to upload videos created in the app.


Unlike the Instagram videos, however, these shorts are looped, but really there isn’t an awful lot of difference between the two services.

Make A Video Diary

If all of the above is a bit too social for you, there are other ways you can upload your videos. For instance, you could just let Windows Phone and OneDrive deal with the syncing, so that your clips are safely stored in your cloud account.


Alternatively you could be more imaginative and use an app like Video Diary to record your activity and auto-upload to OneDrive or Dropbox. This is a free, ad-supported app and features a reminder tool to help you record your diary. You can also unlock more features and remove the ads for $0.99.

But of course, you don’t have to record a video diary with it – you could just use it to ensure your videos are safely uploaded.

YouTube And Other Popular Services

We’ve largely overlooked YouTube so far in this post as it is something we’ve previously addressed. You may or may not know but YouTube and Windows Phone has had a rather strained relationship. A result of this is that initially the only way to upload your videos to YouTube from a Windows Phone was using email YouTube Video Uploading on Windows Phone Solved You would think uploading a video to YouTube was easy. Not so on Windows Phone! Until now. Finally, apps have arrived and the days of fiddly and pointless email uploads have come to pass. Read More .


Fortunately Nokia came to the rescue with its YouTube uploader app, which we declared was the best way to share videos to YouTube without worrying about which of the multitude of unofficial YouTube apps might or might not support that function.

Until Windows Phone is able to provide native uploading to YouTube, Nokia Video Upload remains the best option.

What’s Your Favourite Video Uploader?

So there you have three new ways to upload videos You Won't Believe These 5 Videos Were Filmed On A Windows Phone Who in their right mind would make a movie with a smartphone? Talented filmmakers maybe? The following movies have been recorded on Windows Phone devices. Read More to social networks, a new cloud option and a reminder about uploading to YouTube.

But did we miss one? Is there a video uploading service for Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 we should have included here? Tell us in the comments!

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