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Facebook Anonymous Login, Disney Infinity Marvel, The Onion Clickhole [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 01-05-2014

Today in Tech News Digest, Facebook launches Anonymous Login, MacBook Air prices are slashed, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is announced, YouTube adds branding intros, The Onion teases Clickhole, Coursera seeks translators, and a Canadian family admit 2014 is better than 1986.

Facebook Introduces ‘Anonymous Login’

Facebook has used its annual f8 developer conference to announce Anonymous Login. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new Anonymous Login during his keynote speech, explaining how it will enable Facebook users to sign in to third-party apps without sharing their personal details.

It’s important to note that while Anonymous Login does indeed hide your information from the developers of said apps, Facebook itself will still know everything about you How To Stop Facebook From Tracking Everything You Do [Facebook Weekly Tips] Facebook has basically made a business out of knowing as much as they can possibly find out about everyone. So, tracking your behaviour online and offline makes perfect sense to them. However, it might not... Read More . So, anonymous as far as third parties are concerned, but not anonymous to Facebook.

Anonymous Login was just one of a number of changes announced at f8. Others include Facebook users being given more options when logging into Facebook itself, and seeing a centralized app control panel they can use for managing apps. Anonymous Login is currently being tested and will take several months to roll out to developers.

Facebook also launched a mobile ad network called Facebook Audience Network, Applinks to allow for deep linking between native apps, and a mobile Like button for sharing from apps.

MacBook Air Prices Slashed

The news that Apple has cut $100 off the price of the new MacBook Air Twitter Is Flatlining, Firefox 29 Is Radical, MacBook Air Is Cheaper [Tech News Digest] Twitter flatlines, Firefox updates, MacBook Air cheapens, Xbox One lands, Udacity expands, and Vsauce measures. Read More has led retailers to slash prices of the previous models. AppleInsider has an extensive list of the deals currently in place, though all are obviously subject to change at a moment’s notice.

This means Apple fans seeking to buy a MacBook Air MacBook Air (Mid-2012) Review and Giveaway In my mind, people who purchase the MacBook Air have should have a clear idea of what they wish to accomplish with it. There's only one reason you should own a MacBook Air: for the... Read More currently have three options: Buy a discounted older model for as little as $799, buy the new, slightly improved model for as little as $899, or wait until Apple launches the MacBook Air with Retina Display. It’s definitely happening; we just don’t know when.

Or there is, of course, the secret fourth option, which is not to buy a MacBook Air at all.

Disney Infinity Adds Marvel Characters

Disney has announced Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, which it’s describing as Disney Infinity 2.0. Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes is a standalone game featuring more than 20 characters from the Marvel universe Discover Marvel Comics & Marvel Characters on the Web Marvel Comics was founded in 1939 as Timely Comics before becoming Atlas Comics in the 1950s and eventually the company we know and love in the 1960s. This was the era when Jack Kirby, Steve... Read More , including The Avengers, as seen in the trailer above.

The game will be launching in the fall on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and iOS. A range of platforms so large it affords parents no excuses for not giving into the demands of their kids. The one plus point is that all of the characters from the original game will also work with Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.

YouTube Adds A Branding Intro Feature

YouTube content creators can now add a branding intro to the start of all their videos. These channel branding intros can be up to three seconds in length, and play before all videos uploaded to a user’s own channel. YouTube is insisting these intros “not be used as ads, sponsorships, or product placements.” Which is surely fair enough.

Be sure to check out the MakeUseOf YouTube channel, which features hardware reviews, tutorials, gaming tips, and weekly episodes of the Technophilia podcast.

The Onion Targets Buzzfeed & Upworthy

Fans of satirical news sites Faking It: 8 Of The Best Spoof News Websites Keeping up with the news of the day, whether it be local, national, or international, is important. It's never good to bury your head in the sand, unaware of what is happening around you. However,... Read More are in for a treat when Clickhole launches in the summer. Clickhole, from the team responsible for The Onion, will be mimicking and mocking the likes of Buzzfeed and Upworthy Curating the Web: 6 Social Media Sites Full of Interesting Content Search engines only help if you know what it is you're looking for. But what if you don't? Social networking sites are a good source of interesting content. And then there are social media sites,... Read More , sites which suck us all in with vague titles and lists about nothing in particular. promises “content so shareable, snackable, and clickable, it will rob you of all logic and reason.” Until launch, the site is nothing more than an experiment seeing how many times people will click a button which does absolutely nothing. Or does it?!

Coursera Needs Translators


Coursera, the educational company known for its MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses Where To Study: Navigating The Free Online Education World Now that online learning is commonplace, it also is bit of a nightmare to choose which learning systems to use. We make it easier by giving you an overview of the best options out there. Read More ), is seeking to expand its horizons by offering translated subtitles for budding students who do not speak English.

In order to achieve this goal, Coursera has launched The Global Translator Community Education For All: Volunteer In Coursera's Global Translator Community The Coursera MOOC platform has launched The Global Translator Community (GTC) program that will attempt to add translated subtitles to the 600 plus video courses on the site. Coursera is calling on volunteers. Read More , and it needs volunteers willing and able to help. For their time and effort, volunteers will be invited to special events and awarded with special certificates. But they won’t get paid despite Coursera being a for-profit company. Shame.

Canadian Family Stops Living Like It’s 1986

And finally, a Canadian family who spent a whole year living as if it was still 1986 have decided that 2014 is where it’s at. Because, well, 2014 quite blatantly is better than 1986.

Blair McMillan and his partner Morgan Patey were both born in 1986, so, along with their two kids, aged 5 and 3, they decided to travel back in time a couple of decades How To Time Travel Through The Brief History Of The Internet It's extremely interesting to chart the history of your favorite website(s) from their origin point, all the way through their existence, and right up until the present day. And it's entirely feasible too thanks to... Read More . Cue mullets and stonewash jean shorts, but no Internet, no smartphones, and no computers.

The video above shows the family living like it’s 1986, while CBC has all the details of the couple’s experience. Which is all very interesting but not something I’ll be copying anytime soon. Well, the mullet, perhaps, but nothing else.

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