Eyercize: Learn to Read Quicker Online
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Ever wanted to learn to read quicker? Eyercize.com might be the one site you’re looking for. It is free online speed reading tool that can help you become an accomplished speed reader. There is no download or registration needed, just drag & drop provided bookmark to your browser and you are all set.

read quicker

To start speed reading simply highlight the text on the page and click on the bookmarklet. Afterwards, you will be redirected to Eyercize online text player that will display the highlighted text at certain rate and only few words at a time. The rate and number of words shown can be easily customized.

speed reading application

You are not obliged to use the bookmarklet, you can also navigate to Eyersize.com and paste the text directly.


  • Online speed reading application.
  • Read as much text as you like.
  • Adjust the speed of and the number of shown words.
  • Bookmarklet lets you highlight and speed read any text on the web.
  • Keyboard shortcuts supported.
  • No registration and free.
  • Similar sites: Spreeder, ZAPReader and Spreed.

Check out Eyercize @ www.eyercize.com

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  1. Diego Scataglini
    March 19, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    Thank you very much for the review.
    I just finished updating the bookmarklet. It now has better support for utf-8 and it performs much faster.

    We also have open the registration for our beta program.
    The website in the future will offer speed reading courses and tools that will facilitate the mastery of the techniques taught.

    There are also going to be games that will improve the techniques and comprehension of the read material.

    Plus a whole lot more.
    For those interested I would suggest to subscribe to the rss feeds.