eXtreme PSU Engine: PC Power Supply Calculator
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eXtreme PSU Engine is a detailed PC power supply calculator that lets you calculate the recommended power supply for your new PC based on its configuration (processor, motherboards, memory, peripherals etc). It is similar to NewEgg’s power supply calculator we reviewed before, but is far more extensive.

It lists all the latest AMD and Intel processors and graphics cards from ATI and nVidia and takes into account more components including PCI expansion cards, multiple kinds of hard drives, water cooling kits and other devices.

pc power supply calculator

Simply select the components from the drop down lists and click “Calculate”. When you are finished you can print out the list for later reference.


  • Online power supply calculator to calculate the recommended power supply for a PC based on its configuration.
  • It’s highly accurate because it allows readers to choose the specs of their PC from extensive list of components.

Check out eXtreme Power Supply Calculator @ www.extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine

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