Extend Your “Office 365 Home” Subscription With “Office 365 Personal” Vouchers
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Office 365 is a valuable package for users who work in Office all the time. Aside from the Office suite, 365 also gives you a host of other goodies for one subscription price. This is why we’ve explained that Office 2016 alone isn’t as good of a deal Don't Buy Office 2016! Here's Why You Don't Need It Don't Buy Office 2016! Here's Why You Don't Need It Should you buy the standalone package version of Office 2016? We present our case why we think you shouldn't and show you what you can do instead. Read More .

Microsoft offers two Office 365 plans for home users: Personal and Home. Personal costs $7/month and includes all the standard Office applications on desktop and mobile, plus a terabyte of OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype credit per month. For $10/month, Home gets you all of this for five individual users. Clearly, if you have more than one person using the subscription, Home is the better deal.

If you’re a Home subscriber, you might have noticed that some new PCs come with a voucher for a free year of Office 365 Personal. Because Microsoft won’t let you have two subscriptions on one account, you may have given away or trashed the subscription.

But there’s good news: you can use an Office 365 Personal voucher to extend your Office 365 Home subscription!

Head to your Office account page and click Enter your product key. Punch in your Personal voucher key, and you can choose from adding nine months to your Home subscription or switching to Personal for a year. Obviously Home is the better deal, as it supports more users and devices.

Now you know that those vouchers flying around aren’t useless. If you’re thinking of buying a new PC soon and your Office subscription is almost up, consider that code as worth $90!

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Do you use Office 365 and have you seen these vouchers? Let us know if you have a Personal product key sitting around that you’ll use to extend your Home subscription!

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