Explore Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence With This Certified Training

MakeUseOf Deals 14-11-2019

As smart devices take an ever greater role in our lives, specialist knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning is becoming highly valuable. If you want to get ahead of the curve, the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Certification Bundle is the place to start. This learning library contains eight hands-on video courses, working towards certification. You can pick up the bundle now for just $29 at MakeUseOf Deals.


AI and Machine Learning

Building an intelligent app is a little different from other kinds of development. Instead of writing simple instructions in code, you are essentially building a brain that is capable of learning. This bundle helps you to understand the process and start writing the algorithms that underpin every intelligent app.

Through 44 hours of video training, you learn how to program with Python and use various frameworks for machine learning. Along the way, you get hands-on practice by building two neural networks, and deep learning structures.

The training also looks at data science with Python and pre-processing with R. These skills are vital for AI development, but they also transfer to many other careers.

44 Hours of Training for $29

These courses are worth $1,600, but you can grab the bundle now for $29 with lifetime access included.

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