Experience What Work Felt Like in Windows 95
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People remember some operating systems more fondly than others. Nobody wants to take Windows Vista out for a spin just for the heck of it, but nostalgia for Windows 95 still exists. But was Windows 95 really that great?

A new free browser game, titled It Is As If You Were Doing Work, lets you experience what it felt like working in an office using Windows 95.

When you start, you’ll find yourself in a rip-off version of Windows 95. To climb up the corporate ladder, do your job by sending emails, setting slider values, and clicking through dialogue boxes. Once you work for enough time, you’ll earn a bit of free time so you play a game. Don’t worry — your computer is your own. Change your wallpaper or start some music for a truly personal experience.

If you find this game a little unsettling, that’s on purpose. The developer states that he created it to “explore a future where robots have most of the jobs.” Thus, people who have no way to contribute to the workforce can explore the feeling of what it’s like to work through this simulation.

Experience What Work Felt Like in Windows 95 Windows 95 Work Game

Hopefully your real job isn’t too similar to the experience offered in this game. In any case, it’s a chilling work simulator that lets you feel like a number in an office running old versions of Windows. Fun, no?

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Image Credit: Nonchanon via Shutterstock

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  1. Eduardo França
    December 28, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Work does feel like that sometimes.