Experian Dark Web Scan, Tidy Twitter With KonMari, and Free Online College Courses
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Can Experian’s Dark Web Scan service really help you discover if your personal data has been stolen? And is it worth $10 a month when free alternatives offer a similar result?

In this week’s Really Useful Podcast we look at the Dark Web Scan, Skype’s blurred background feature, how to tidy Twitter the Marie Kondo way, and where to find free college courses online.

Meanwhile for gamers we have a look at the best portable game console. For PC gaming fans, there’s also details on how to choose a PC game that will run on your computer.

Really Useful Podcast Season 2 Episode 2 Shownotes

This week, we talk about:

The second show of the Really Useful Podcast Season 2 is hosted by MakeUseOf deputy editors Christian Cawley and Ben Stegner. You can follow them on Twitter:

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