ExcelMashup: Create Visual Mashups With Your Excel Data
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Despite all the tools in the market, Excel is still the most heavily used tool for managing and analyzing data. And tools like ExcelMashup make it even better by adding a visual component. ExcelMashup lets you create visual mashups of your Excel data by using Microsoft’s Javascript API.

The process is not completely hassle-free as you first have to upload your Excel data on SkyDrive and then embed it on the webpage using the HTML code. Once you have embedded the worksheet you can then use one of the many functions from the API to create mashups. For example, you can create interactive mashups by combining your data with Bing Maps. You can see the code snippets as well as actual API references.

create visual mashups


  • Create web based mashups from Excel data.
  • See code snippets and examples from Javascript API.
  • Documents need to be uploaded on SkyDrive.

Visit ExcelMashup @ http://www.excelmashup.com

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