Use exAutoCorrect To Make Spell Checking in Gmail Faster & Easier [Chrome]

Dave LeClair 05-10-2011

gmail spell checkOne of the great things about typing into a word processor like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages is that they automatically fix common spelling mistakes. While most web browsers have come a long way with spell checking, they still do not include auto-correct. Some spelling mistakes are so common that just underlining them seems pointless – if you type “teh” for example, there’s almost a 100% chance you meant to say “the”. It saves some valuable time to not have to manually go back and fix all of these common mistakes, but when you are typing an email you are pretty much stuck.


Thankfully, that is not a problem anymore thanks to the new Chrome extension ezAutoCorrect for Gmail. With this easy to use extension, all your typing woes will be resolved because all those common errors will automatically be fixed and you won’t have to go back and spell check as much as you used to. Never make the mistake of sending an email with a lower case “i” again!


gmail spell check

To install this in Google Chrome, head over to the app’s page on the Google Chrome Web Store and click the big “Add to Chrome” button.

Using The Extension

To use this, you do not have to do anything you wouldn’t do already, and that is simply send emails. Head to Gmail in your web browser, open a new email window and simply start typing. Try some words that you would commonly mistype. Try typing “dont” with no apostrophe and you will notice that the app will automatically change it to “don’t” as it should be.

I think my personal favorite use is not having to capitalize “i” as I am typing. It allows me to save myself hitting shift and making it capitalized every time I use it.


gmail spell check chrome

gmail spell check chrome

According to the developer of the app, the program automatically fixes about 700 common typos. I don’t think I personally make 700 different typos, but it is good to know they are out there, and that in the event that I do make the mistakes, the program will fix them for me.

gmail spell check chrome


The app also offers the ability to add your own auto corrections. To do this, simply head to the extension’s options by clicking on the settings button in Chrome, then Tools, then Extensions. Scroll down to ezAutoCorrect and click Options. Under the options you can add or remove existing auto corrections and set the application to automatically capitalize the first word after a period.

gmail spell check

These are great features that were just added recently, and they really bring the application to the next level.


This is a really cool little extension that does one simple thing, and it does it well. If you are sick of having to go back and fix all the common typos when sending an email this extension will make your life much more pleasant.


Have you tried this extension? Did it make your life easier? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Steve Walker
    January 18, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Not working on a computer the I installed this extension on.

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    September 12, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    You have a typo *in the title of the post in the name of the extension!*

  3. Johann
    October 6, 2011 at 1:31 am

    Oh the irony in your title:

    Use exAutoCorrect To Make Spell Checking Gmail Faster & Easier [Chrome]