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EvzDrop: Overhear What’s Going On In Your Area (Android & iOS)

Justin Pot 23-02-2013

Find out what’s going on at your favorite coffee shop or park. Evzdrop is a location-based app for Android and iOS that lets you see what others are saying in certain locations – and broadcast what’s going on to others nearby. Some location-based services are statistic-focused, attempting to quantify who goes where the most and awarding people for “checking in”. Evzdrop is less about statistics and more about having something to say. Users can award each other “props” for their “drops”, an annoying series of rhymes that simply says things worth sharing can be shared.


Open the app for the first time and you’ll need to create an account. Do so and you’ll soon be presented with a map of nearby “drops”:

what going on in your area

Click any of these drops to see what people have to say, and possibly even see photos from that location. Businesses can monitor drops at their location, if they want, meaning eventually this service could evolve into a real-time sort of real-time Yelp. You can connect directly with people you know using the service.

When you yourself create a drop, you can do so using your name or anonymously – it’s entirely up to you.



“Drops” are relatively sparse for now, but if you live in a major city you’ll find at least some activity, as with most relatively new social networks.

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