EvozBabyMonitor: Baby Monitoring App For iPhone
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EvozBabyMonitor aims to be a promising app for busy parents. If you are away from your baby and worried about how they may be doing, you can listen remotely to your baby using another iOS device with the Evoz app. Most interestingly, the app sends you an email or an alert if the baby cries.

You can also collect real time data on how your baby sleeps and compare it to other babies. Sound quality is good and on the free version of the app you can listen for 30 minutes every day. Upgrade to premium to remove the 30 minute restriction. Customize your app by uploading a picture of your baby. You can turn the monitoring off whenever you want and view a log of all the alerts that have been sent to you.

baby monitoring app


  • Monitor your baby on your iPhone.
  • Listen to your baby and get an alert if baby cries.
  • Listen for upto 30 minutes each day.

Download EvozBabyMonitor from iTunes

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