Eternal Sunshine: Block Specific Facebook Profile Updates [Chrome]
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There are times when you have people as friends on Facebook from whom you’d rather stay away from. When un-friending such people isn’t an option, it’s better to permanently hide their Facebook updates. Eternal Sunshine is an extension for Chrome that lets you do just that. It hides the person you specify from your Facebook newsfeed, sidebar, photos, wall, suggested albums…from each nook and corner on Facebook.

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After you install the tool, it appears on the Chrome extension bar. When you click on it, a small box pops up (shown in the screenshot above). All you have to do is put the profile user ID (the bunch of numbers that appear at the end of someone’s Facebook profile URL) or the username (the name after, depending on what the person uses. That is it. That person will be gone from your profile but staying on as your friend on the site.


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