Essential Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One & PC

Rachel Kaser 19-07-2016

Back when Fallout 4 was the centerpiece of the Bethesda E3 2015 show Who Literally Won E3 2015? Third-Party Edition Read More , Todd Howard promised console gamers that they would also have access to mods, in just the same way as PC gamers would. The reaction was surprise and elation on the behalf of the creative minds who have been modding games for years without much acknowledgement from the developers.


While there is a precedent for user-made content User-Generated Content Done Right With These 6 Games [MUO Gaming] One of my favorite things to see in a video game is user-generated content. That is, as long as it makes sense within the context of the game, of course. Some games have done a... Read More in console games like Little Big Planet and Super Mario Maker, this was never the case with mods in AAA games like the kind Bethesda produces, in spite of the vast communities centered around modding Skyrim and previous Fallout titles. They are now available for the Xbox One, with modding on the PlayStation 4 version of the game currently in the works.

There are, naturally, common mods between XB1 and PC. With that in mind, here are some of the best mods that are supported on both platforms, currently. They offer content, gameplay fixes, and upgrades that will enhance the whole experience and are easy to install. These are the must-haves for both systems!

Full Dialogue Interface

One of the differences between Fallout 4 and its predecessors is that the protagonist is fully-voiced, and the choice of dialogue is reduced to one or two words intended to give an indication of tone. This was not a particularly well-received aspect of the game, if the popularity of this mod is any indication.

The Full Dialogue mod replaces the dialogue wheel with a box more reminiscent of the previous Fallout dialogue, with exact transcripts of each of the spoken lines. While this may be redundant with the protagonist’s voice intact, it can be helpful to know exactly what you’re saying, given Fallout‘s dialogue-based approval system.

Full Dialogue Interface: Xbox One & PC


Snap ‘n Build

The base-building mechanic in Fallout 4 not only emulates mods of the past, but it gives players the chance to rebuild the scorched, irradiated Commonwealth in the manner they see fit. Talented architects have built extravagant palaces, fruitful farms, and impenetrable fortresses with no mods at all.

But for those who want to make their in-game sanctuaries even better, the Snap ‘n Build mod is the go-to mod. It offers packs of parts to build even more types of buildings, including greenhouses and bunkers. Everything is very easy to put together, and it offers post-apocalyptic architects the chance to get creative without breaking the game’s own system.

Snap ‘n Build: Xbox One & PC

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Like almost every Bethesda release of the last several years, Fallout 4 has some bugs. Some of them have gone unfixed since the game’s release, either because they’re too small or don’t disrupt the flow of gameplay enough to warrant a patch. Enter the dedicated bug-fixing team behind the series of Skyrim unofficial patches.


The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch fixes a number of the known issues with the game, and it is a joint effort between the modders and the community. If you know of a replicable bug in the game, you can report it to the modders. The patch is updated very frequently.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch: Xbox One & PC

Everyone’s Best Friend

One of the most curious companions in Fallout 4 is German Shepherd Dogmeat. He’s a legacy character who has appeared in previous games, and is completely loyal to the player character even if they’ve alienated all other followers. And who doesn’t want to have their faithful dog with them at all times?

Everyone’s Best Friend is a very simple mod that allows you to have both Dogmeat and another companion with you at the same time. There are already some small coding errors and oddities in the game itself that suggest this was intended to be the case – for example, Dogmeat offers the main character no perks like the other companions do, and a perk that activates when the main character travels alone is still active with Dogmeat present – so this mod won’t break immersion overmuch.


Everyone’s Best Friend: Xbox One & PC

Night Vision & Thermal Goggles

Nighttime in Fallout 4 can be dangerous, given the darkness and fact that main character’s only recourse is usually the measly light on their Pip-Boy. While this is likely deliberate, increasing a sense of danger as the sun goes down, this can make some sections of the game trickier than some might need them to be.

Players who use the West Tek can craft night vision goggles a la Sam Fisher and thermal vision headpieces. They can be made in a variety of colors and come with a number of enhancements. The modder also recommends that it be used in conjunction with mods that make the nights darker, but that might defeat the purpose.

West Tek Tactical Optics: Xbox One & PC


A Cannibal in Concord

Adding original quests and story content mods can be a gamble. On the one hand, there are some truly impressive mods that tell fantastic stories, such as the ones that have been meticulously built inside of Skyrim. But on the other, adding story content not vetted by the game developers themselves means there is a good chance you won’t get something up to the standards of the base game. Spoilers in the video, by the way.

A Cannibal in Concord is one of the more interesting content mods, given that it involves puzzle-solving and a criminal investigation. It’s been very well-received, and is a good first choice for players who want to experiment with adding content to their games. Let the sensitive be warned, though: The case in this mod is purportedly based on a real serial killer, and there is some disturbing imagery.

A Cannibal in Concord: Xbox One & PC

WRVR Radio Station

The Fallout Pip-Boy radio is a trademark part of the in-game experience and a staple in the annals of video game music Video Game Music Radio: The Perfect Background Noise for Geeks There's something about video game music that earns it a special place in gamers' hearts. The seven stations stream all the video game music you could want! Read More , but the Fallout 4 radio can be a little lacking. It replicates several of the songs used in previous games, and it’d be easy for the player who chooses to leave the radio on to get bored of the same songs over and over. Radio mods have become very popular, and WRVR is one of the most popular and extensive.

WRVR is the name of a radio station in the game, but there is no active quest there and they won’t play anything. The mod offers players a new radio station with 21 new songs, and more to be added later. Players can visit the now-revitalized station and interact with new characters, each with decent original voice acting. You can even recruit the DJ as a companion.

WRVR Radio Station: Xbox One & PC

Realistic Ragdoll Force

One appeal of playing Fallout is undoubtedly using massive explosions and powerful weaponry to launch enemies at great distances and watch them flop when the ragdoll physics take effect. This is the game series that gave us the Fat Man, a handheld nuclear catapult. Explosions and flying bodies have always been part of the fun.

But not only is this not to everyone’s taste, but the flying ragdolls can make it downright tedious to gather loot depending upon how far they fly. So for those who would prefer their enemies’ deaths to be somewhat more sober and realistic, the Realistic Ragdoll Force mod will keep enemies relatively close to the ground.

Realistic Ragdoll Force: Xbox One & PC

What mods have you used with Fallout 4? Are there any must-have mods that we missed? What do you think of the Fallout 4  7 Games You Can Mod to Add VR Support Right Now A lot of popular games are being modded to support VR in an unofficial capacity. Here are some of the more exciting games that you can mod with VR right now! Read More VR mods? 7 Games You Can Mod to Add VR Support Right Now A lot of popular games are being modded to support VR in an unofficial capacity. Here are some of the more exciting games that you can mod with VR right now! Read More  What kinds of mods do you think should carry over to PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments section below!


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