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5 Essential “Best Books” Lists: How Many Have You Read?

Mihir Patkar 16-05-2017

Movies and TV shows are more easily accessible than ever before. But nothing beats reading a book, does it? Ask any fan of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings and they will swear by the books, not the screen adaptations.


“What should I read next?” is the most common question. And so, you google for lists of the best books. But “best” is subjective, after all. Finding the right list is important.

You loved the “best of” list challenges "Best Of" List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists Here are some of the best list-based sites, whether made by experts or amateurs, and even a couple of list-making apps. Read More on The Greatest Books, but these are even better. Not only are these comprehensive lists, they also have novel ways to find something to read.

1. 200 Most Recommended Books on Reddit

Reddit has a thriving community of bibliophiles at r/books. You can always rely on them or the r/suggestmeabook community to find new books to read That's Novel! How to Find New Books to Read With Reddit There are countless ways of finding new books to read, both online and offline. But nothing beats the recommendation of an actual human being. Which is where Reddit proves its worth. Read More .

best books reddit

The best place to start is with this list of the 200 most recommended books on Reddit. It is helpfully broken into categories like thriller, mystery, comedy, history, self-help, and more. Click any category to see its contents, which includes a description of the book and where to get it.


There’s also a new site, Takcek, which tracks the most-mentioned books on Reddit. Again, you’ll find a massive list of categories, but the best part is you can also see what Redditors are saying about the book.

2. Wired’s 18 Essential Geek Books

If you’ve landed here at MakeUseOf, we can safely assume you have some interest in geek culture. And there is no one more authoritative about it than Wired magazine.

best books geeks

A few years ago, Wired created a list of essential geek books to get anyone started on the road to true geekdom. This includes famous titles like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to offbeat recommendations like the graphic novel The Watchmen.

After publishing the list, Wired invited readers to submit their own favorites. The result was a new list of essential geek books chosen by Wired readers.

That’s 18 geeky books to get you started. And if you’ve already read those, here’s an additional 11 geek books recommended by tech influencers 11 Geeky Books Recommended by Tech Influencers Technology influences all our lives, and certain individuals influence technology. Which means us geeks should take notice of what these tech influencers are telling us, including their book recommendations... Read More .

3. Guide to the 100 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

There are several must-read science fiction books The Best Science Fiction Books for Geeks: 10 Absolutely Worth Reading If you want to build a library of must-have sci-fi novels and novellas, here are the best science fiction books of all time. Read More , but NPR went one step beyond and created a list of the 100 best science fiction and fantasy books. But we really love what Cliptank did with that list.

best books fantasy sci-fi

Sci-fi and fantasy is difficult to get into if you’re new to it. So Cliptank made a flowchart with the 100 books, so that you can choose what to read next. Make sure you navigate to the center of the chart to start, looking for the image you see above.

Hover the mouse over any book’s image to get an instant description. Click it to go directly to its Amazon page. It’s brilliant, and best used with the right Kindle for you Which Kindle Device Should You Buy? A Comparison Guide There are four different Kindle e-readers available to buy for various kinds of users. But which Kindle device is right for you? Read More .

4. Historic Reads Plotted on a Timeline

To gain a better understanding of the world around you, you need to know its past. History is fascinating, whether you access it through books, movies, documentaries, or even educational historical podcasts 10 Educational History Podcasts To Subscribe & Listen To A lot of us left history back in the classrooms. For some it made for ponderous reading. Thanks to the many history podcasts available for free on the web, listening to it is both entertaining... Read More . If you like books, then Historic Reads is a dream come true.

best books historic reads

The site is a curated collection of some of the best books about history, whether it’s the history of the universe, of the planet, of mankind, or specific events. All these books are plotted on a chronological timeline, from 3,500 BC to the 1990s.

You can quickly browse categories like military history books, ancient history, modern history, and so on. Again, clicking any book will take you to its Amazon page. Unfortunately, there’s no description available in Historic Reads itself.

5. Stephen King’s Recommended Books

Horror master Stephen King 10 Free Ebooks Guaranteed to Scare You Witless Stephen King is the ultimate creator of nightmares, but he's not alone. Not on Halloween. And his visitors are keen to scare King, and you, with their spine-chilling horror stories. Read More is one of the most accomplished and respected writers of our generation. His book On Writing is considered a textbook for budding authors. In that, King made a reading list of 92 books.

best books stephen king

On the 10th anniversary of On Writing, King updated this list with several new titles he considers essential reading for anyone. There were 82 new books recommended by King.

Since then, King has taken to Twitter to suggest new reads. Aerogramme Writer’s Studio put together his 22 new favorites. And then Bookbub updated the list with 16 new books recommended by Stephen King.

Your Top Five Best Books!

We know what the experts says, let’s hear your call. Pick any genre, like mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, history, or anything else.

Tell us your top five books in that genre.

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  1. ericesque
    May 17, 2017 at 6:27 am

    The Art of Manliness has a decent list of 100 books every man should read. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/11/28/100-books-every-man-read/

    It's not a list of hidden gems, but there is a good variety so I can always find something that suits my mood. Through the list I've finally read some of the classics that I should have read growing up and can help my kids avoid my mistake.

  2. Andy Johnson
    May 16, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Love Star Trek, especially the Original Series? Old TV / real stories - Check out thesearethevoyagesbooks. com or any from jacobsbrownpress.com "the truth is better than fiction"

  3. Tsreb
    May 16, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    There are too many authors that I love to read...

    but I would have to save my top 5 are:
    Asimov (start with Robot series, through Empire and end in Foundation... they are all set in the same universe)
    Adams and Pratchet - Both are great for comedic sci-fi/ Fantasy
    Vonnegut - Most of his work is really good
    Dicks - Loved Man in the High Castle and Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep (Also people do not realize how many of his books have been made into movies).
    Brooks/Donaldson - I got my start in reading fantasy and Sword of Shannara and Lord Foul's Bane were the first 2 books I read....
    Moorcock - Read more then Elric as a lot of his books are intertwined with each other.

    There are a number of others new and old that I could add but the post would be too long.