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MakeUseOf Deals 14-03-2019

When every click you make is tracked, online anonymity can seem like an impossible dream. But there are ways to prevent advertisers, government agencies and cyber criminals from accessing your web history. RA4W VPN makes your connection totally private, meaning you can browse in confidence. Right now, you can get lifetime protection for just $17.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.


Privacy Protection

After searching for a particular product on Amazon, you might notice a related Facebook ad in your timeline. This kind of tracking happens all the time — and much of it is less obvious.

RA4W VPN lets you escape the clutches of Facebook, Amazon, and every other snooper on the Internet. Available on Windows, Mac and iOS, this service uses masking servers to hide your IP address and location. Without this information, it’s pretty hard for anyone to track you down.

To make doubly sure, RA4W VPN applies encryption to all your traffic. This means you can browse the web in confidence, even if you are connected to insecure public Wi-Fi.

RA4W VPN offers impressive speed, with a network of 20 servers in five different countries. You get unlimited bandwidth, and no record is kept of your online activity. Just as importantly, there is 24/7 support on hand if you ever get stuck.

Save 90% on Lifetime Service

Worth $199, lifetime service with RA4W VPN is now only $17.99 with this deal.


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  1. ReadandShare
    March 16, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Just $18 lousy bucks for a whole lifetime? Great - but how will this outfit make enough money to survive for decades into the future? And to keep updating/upgrading itself?