Enhance YouTube Features & Search Results With The YouWatch Extension [Opera]

Danny Stieben 26-05-2012

improve youtube search resultsWe all know that the world loves YouTube. Practically everyone who is on the Internet has been to YouTube or has at least heard of it. There are also plenty of browser extensions that add some good functionality to YouTube to make everyday YouTube usage a bit more comfortable.

However, I found an extension that adds some highly practical features that makes using YouTube better in ways you didn’t even think of. Oh, and did you know this extension is exclusively for Opera?

About YouWatch

YouWatch is the name of this magical extension I’m talking about. It doesn’t serve to add a single bit of functionality, but rather a decently sized array of enhancements, much like the Reddit Enhancement Suite Use Reddit Like A Boss With This Combo Package Today, we're going to take a look at a couple of browser extensions that will enhance your Reddit experience. One of them is an old fogey, so you might of already heard of it by... Read More extension does to Reddit. A big part of this extension revolves around keeping track of what videos you’ve watched, and a lot of the magic reacts to that data.

After some clicking around with the extension enabled, you’ll see some differences, from “Watched Videos” lists to customized search results.


Installation is easy. Just launch your Opera browser and head over to this page and click on the Add to Opera button. Within a second or two a dialog will appear asking you to confirm the installation, and the extension will be ready, once it says that installation has completed. The extension will then stay dormant except for any tab where you’re on YouTube.

Identify Watched Videos

improve youtube search results

As I mentioned earlier, YouWatch works mainly with a record of what videos you’ve watched. As such, when you do watch a video, it’ll make a note of that and then tell you on all other pages by either graying out the entire selection or other means such as adding a “watched” label next to the title of any video that you’re watching a second time or more.

Visual cues like those help you stay away from stuff you’ve seen and move on to new content.

Subscribe Without a YouTube Account

Enhance YouTube Features & Search Results With The YouWatch Extension [Opera] youwatch subscriptions

YouWatch also has the ability to subscribe to a YouTube user without needing your own Google or YouTube user account. Your subscriptions can be accessed on YouTube on the homepage or in any search.

Like Videos for Easy Searching

youtube search

Each video will also have a Like button with a YouWatch logo on it. This specific button will not send a thumbs up to YouTube to increase the video’s ratings, but rather be useful in the custom search results. If you look through the Watched videos list, Liked videos will show up towards the top.

Custom Search Results Page

improve youtube search results

Lastly, the search results get a major overhaul with this extension. You can search through your subscriptions (if you enabled it), watched videos, and regular search. In the regular search, you will get more information about each result, including the scrollable description right in the search results page. You can also filter the results by author, quality (3D, HD, and Captions), uploaded date, safe search, duration, category, and order.

Again, videos you’ve already watched will show up as grayed out (or entirely hidden if you so choose in the extension’s settings).


Overall, YouWatch adds a nice twist to the generic YouTube experience that a lot of people would enjoy. It’s definitely worth a try if you use Opera, and in case you don’t, maybe you should give Opera (and this extension) a shot as well! You might be pleasantly surprised!

Is YouTube perfectly fine as it is? What would you like to see as far as new YouTube features? Do you like this extension enough that you’re sad it’s not available on other browsers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Arnold
    August 14, 2012 at 9:48 am

    So did you try it? :)

  2. Arnold
    August 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Hi, i'm not an opera fan so i use a browser called torch. do you know it?
    i can download videos directly with it.

    • Danny Stieben
      August 14, 2012 at 8:05 am

      Never heard of Torch! Thanks for sharing!