Endomondo Sports Tracker Helps You Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals [Android]

Angela Randall 22-02-2013

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, we’re just starting to see the first signs that Spring might be on its way. Even if you’re not lucky enough to be seeing these signs yet, in reality we all know that the bulk of Winter is past us and Summer is not too far away. You know what this means? Time to shape up!


Yes, it’s time for the excuses about cold weather to go out of the window and for a regular fitness habit to take their place. Now, if you love your Android phone and are looking for some way to motivate yourself to work out more, what app are you going to use? We think it’s worth checking out Endomondo Sports Tracker.

Get Endomondo Sports Tracker

Head over to the Google Play store and get Endomondo Sports Tracker for free. If later you decide you would prefer the pro version, you can pay for the upgrade in your own time. However, the free version is perfectly functional and should suit most people perfectly well. Check it out now!

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Sign Up To Endomondo

On your Android, when you open the Endomondo application you can choose whether to sign up using a Facebook login or to create an Endomondo account directly using an email address. It doesn’t matter which option you choose as you can always link your Facebook account to find your friends later.

Finding friends on Endomondo is recommended as you’ll be able to support each other’s fitness efforts, which is often more fun than doing things solo.


Track Your Exercise

When you’re about to head off for your daily jog or bike ride, start up Endomondo and let it know what you’re doing. It will track your route via GPS and calculate the duration, speed and calories spent during your workout. Routes will be saved to a map so you can view them later.

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If you forget to automatically track your workout, you can add it manually later without any problems. This is also useful for exercise where you don’t actually change location, like weight lifting and running on a treadmill.

Pep Talks & Goals

While you’re exercising, Endomondo will give you updates on how well you’re doing. Every kilometre (or mile) you will get an audio update to let you know you’ve hit that milestone. If you set a distance goal, you will be notified of how close you are to reaching your goal as you progress.


You’ll also get audio pep talks from your friends shortly after they send the text message to you. So, if you notice someone you know heading out on a run it’s good fun to cheer them along.

Tracking Your Heart Rate & Bike Speed

If you have a supported heart rate monitor or ANT+ bike speed monitor, you can automatically keep track of your heart rate or speed for each workout also. See to find out which monitors are supported.

Review Workout History & Compete

At any time you can look over your previous workouts and analyse your speed for each kilometre (or mile). You can also see your friend’s times and race against them on the same route later.

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Sync & Share

All of your Endomondo information is automatically synced to the website and other devices. If you have linked your account to Facebook, you can send also updates to your Facebook timeline. Within Endomondo, you will see all of your friends’ Endomondo activity on the social page.

best android fitness app

If you choose to share your favourite exercise routes with the rest of Endomondo, people in your area will be able to view the route and potentially follow it themselves. Conversely, if you check out the local routes you should be able to find new interesting places to get your exercise.

Music Playlist

Every time you work out you can listen to MP3’s on your device at the same time. Endomondo will keep track of the playlist for each route, so if you want the same music again next time it’s very easy to do.


Customise Endomondo

The main screen on Endomondo can be customised to suit your needs. You can add whatever functions are of most use to you, so that you’re always able to navigate quickly.

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What do you love about Endomondo? How does it compare to other apps you’ve tried? What features would you add if you could?

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  1. Vikas Arora
    February 28, 2013 at 5:59 am

    I still unaware on how ti will work but really excited to w work with it and have plan to make fitness by counting my average strength and high strength

  2. Juan Pedro Secondo
    February 22, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    It works for me. It's like having a N*K* chip in your smartphone and helps to share your experience and achievements.