EndlessMural: HTML5 Based Art Drawing Tool
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EndlessMural is a very simple yet powerful project that you can be a part of. Just draw on a simple HTML5 based drawing board and whatever gestures you make with your drawing pen will then be rendered into a 3D-ish art piece.

Once you save your piece, it will be added to the ongoing mural that contains work from hundreds of other users. You can view all of these pieces in motion by going to the gallery and clicking on any of the thumbnails. Every time you make a fresh drawing, the rendering is completely different and unique.

The art piece you make can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter or email.

art drawing tool


  • Renders your simple drawing gestures in 3D.
  • Adds your art piece to an on-going mural.
  • View other user’s drawings in motion.
  • Easily share your piece via social media or email.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar web apps: Drips, ScribblerToo, FlashPaint, OdoSketch, and Sketchswap.

Visit EndlessMural @ www.endlessmural.com

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