How to Enable the Secret Night Mode in Android Nougat
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Apps that change your screen’s temperature to reduce eye strain are nothing new on the desktop, but they haven’t seen as wide of an adoption on mobile. f.lux, a favorite for Windows, Mac, and Linux, is also available on Android, but requires root to work fully.

Thus, your best options up to this point to reduce eye strain at night were to use adaptive brightness or use try another screen temperature app. In Android Nougat, Google included a built-in Night Mode feature, but it takes a few steps to enable.

Open the Play Store and install Night Mode Enabler, or download the app remotely using the desktop Play Store. Next, pull down on your notification bar twice to open the Quick Settings menu. Hold down on the Settings gear icon near the top of the screen for a few seconds until you see a message telling you that System UI Tuner has been added to Settings.

Now, open your app drawer and launch the new Night Mode Enabler app. Tap the only button in the app, Enable Night Mode. This will bring you to the System UI Tuner entry for Night Mode, which is hidden by default. Here, you’ll have the ability to have Night Mode come on automatically and adjust the tint of the screen, which is what you want in order to filter blue light.

Once you’ve done this, Night Mode should be permanently listed in your Quick Settings tiles (among Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and the like), but users have reported issues with getting it to stick. If it doesn’t appear for you, try opening the Enabler app a few times and clicking its button, or restart your phone after enabling it. After you’ve confirmed that the button is staying in Quick Settings, you can uninstall the Enabler app.

Do you like this built-in night mode, or do you prefer to use a different app for this purpose? Let us know what you think of this new feature below!

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