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Enable 2FA in Fortnite to Earn a New Emote

Dave Parrack 27-08-2018

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best defenses you have at your disposal to avoid being hacked. Unfortunately, too many people never enable 2FA, leaving themselves open to attack. However, Epic Games is trying to change all that with a simple bribe.


What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

There are a multitude of ways to keep your online accounts locked down. The most obvious method is to choose strong, unique passwords for every single service you use. Or, if that sounds like too much work, use a password manager Is Your Password Manager Secure? 5 Services Compared Unless you have an incredible memory, there's no way you can possibly hope to remember all your usernames and passwords. The sensible option is to use a password manager -- but which is best? Read More instead.

The next step is enabling two-factor authentication. This adds an obstacle to would-be hackers, as 2FA employs a second element for verifying you are who you say you are. The most common element being an SMS message or email with a code attached.

Enable 2FA and Earn a Free Emote

This is the method Epic Games uses with Fortnite. The problem is persuading people to actually enable two-factor authentication on their accounts. Epic’s rather clever solution is to offer a reward to everyone who enables 2FA on their Fortnite account.

Enabling two-factor authentication in Fortnite will unlock the new Boogiedown emote. Emotes being dances you can have your character perform on the battlefield. Emotes are a moneymaker for Epic, so giving one away for free is something of a big deal.


Enable Two-Factor Authentication Today!

While a new emote isn’t a life-changing reward, it’s surely better than nothing. Especially given how easy it is to enable two-factor authentication. Let’s hope this inspires more companies and services to offer rewards to users who enable 2FA.

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