3 Useful Emoji Extensions for Chrome

Dan Price 10-08-2018

28,000 years after the Ancient Egyptians first started writing with beautiful image-based hieroglyphs, we’ve circled back and now communicate using pictures of eggplants and colorful hearts.


No, it’s not quite as impressive, but it is equally functional (even if lots of people don’t know emojis true meaning Do You Use Wrong Emojis? Take This Quiz to Know the Meanings Emojis are now a part of everyday conversation for you. But are you using them correctly? Test yourself with the quizzes and tools. Read More ). Emojis are so functional, in fact, that Facebook Messenger sees five billion emojis sent every day on the platform. The global total across all apps is probably several times that number.

Chrome has been testing an emoji keyboard How to Unlock the Emoji Library in Chrome on Desktop PCs Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to type emojis on a desktop machine. But a new tool in Google Chrome aims to make typing emojis a bit easier. Read More for a long time. You can access it and play with it right now if you wish. But be warned—it’s still pretty barebones. If you’re itching for a better way to send and view emojis on Chrome, it makes more sense to use one of these emoji extensions instead.

1. Emoji2Go [No Longer Available]

The Emoji2Go extension lets you enter emojis in any text field anywhere on the web. It includes a search feature and tabbed emoji browsing. It can also pop out into its own window, making it a useful way to use emoji in other non-web apps as well.

3 Useful Emoji Extensions for Chrome emoji2go 380x500

2. Chromoji

Chromoji offers one long scrollable list of emojis. Although it does have a search function, the long list makes it less easy to find the emoji you want quickly.


However, it does include four different styles of emojis (Twitter, EmojiOne, Apple, and Google), so it deserves a mention.

3. Emoji Swap [No Longer Available]

Not all apps, operating systems, and websites can read all the emoji icons. Design inconsistencies or old hardware could be the cause of the problem. The upshot is that’ll you see those annoying small empty boxes everywhere.

Emoji Swap is the solution. It will convert every emoji character in Chrome into the single, unified EmojiOne style.

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