Are You an Emoji Addict? Grab This Chrome Wallpaper Extension

Dan Price 25-07-2017

These days, it seems emojis are everywhere 5 Sites to Copy-Paste Emojis, Text Faces, Emoticons, & More Like with anything else on the Internet, there are handy cheat sheets to type text faces, emoticons, emojis, Japanese kawai faces, and more. Read More  — you just can’t get away from them. If you live in a big city, you can’t go more than five minutes without seeing one grinning at you from the side of a bus or through a shop window.


If you can’t stand emojis, it’s about to get a whole lot worse. But if you love them? You’re about to enter heaven. Why? Because The Emoji Movie is hitting cinemas across the United States on July 28.

Erm, What?

No, that wasn’t a typo. There really is a movie about emojis. Later this week, the 3D computer-animated 7 Incredible 3D Movies Actually Worth Seeing In 3D There are too many movies where the 3D adds nothing to the overall experience. However, when done properly, 3D has the potential to blow you away. The following movies are prime examples. Read More comedy film will be released by Columbia Pictures.

And it’s not (theoretically) a B-side junk movie. Voicing the characters are well-known stars such as James Corden, Patrick Stewart, Sofia Vergara, and Christina Aguilera.

Without giving too much away, the basic storyline follows a “multi-expressional emoji” who wants to become a “meh” emoji like his parents. Don’t ask.

If this sounds like torture to you, you should probably stop reading now. If not, you’re in for a treat.


Emoji Wallpaper for Chrome

In anticipation of the movie’s release, why not turn your Chrome browser into a The Emoji Movie-themed web portal?

By grabbing Emoji Tab – Emojis Wallpapers off the Chrome Web Store, you can make every new tab page show you a different scene from the movie.

Are You an Emoji Addict? Grab This Chrome Wallpaper Extension emoji wallpaper

The tabs even have their own search field. Just type your query in the box at the top of the and hit Enter. You’ll see a list of results powered by Yahoo Search.

Will you be going to watch The Emoji Movie on the opening night? Or is its release an excuse to stay at home and avoid the news for a few weeks? Let us know in the comments.

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