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How to Embed a Google Slide Into a Google Doc

Saikat Basu 30-04-2018

Google Slides is often thought of as the poor cousin of Microsoft PowerPoint. But Google Slides is a cloud collaboration tool and that makes it useful when you use it with something like Google Docs.


We already know how to embed live tables and charts to Google Docs. But did you know that Google Drive also allows you to insert a live Slide into Google Docs?

How to Embed a Google Slide Into a Google Doc

A Google Doc can be turned into a visually rich document. But add a slide from a well-crafted presentation and you can really create an impact. Add a slide to a Google Doc with these quick steps:

  1. Log into Google Drive and open a prepared presentation in Google Slides.
  2. From the left side panel, click and select the slide you want to add. From the menu, click on Edit > Copy.
  3. Open the Google Doc you want to use the slide with. Click the location in the document where you want to add the slide.
  4. From the menu, click Edit > Paste. Choose Link to presentation to enable the link between the two source and the document.

Paste a Google Slide into a Google Doc

The Google Slide is a live embed. You can change the slide and update the document with a single click to display any dynamic information.

In your Google Docs, select the embedded image and click the tiny down arrow to open the Linked slide options. Click on Update to sync the Google Doc with any changes you made in the source slide. From the same menu, you can opt to unlink the presentation.


Linked slide options in Google Doc

This Google Slides feature can enhance your collaboration. For instance, you can quickly change the slides to showcase a story in an otherwise boring Google text document. So, think up other creative uses in combination with these Google Slides tips 8 Google Slides Tips You Should Know Before Your Next Presentation Google Slides and its latest features offer you more chances than ever to create presentations that amaze your audience. Here are eight unique tips for professional presentations. Read More .

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