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Electric Slide: Make Wireless Presentations Using Your Smartphone or Tablet [iOS]

Dave LeClair 04-03-2013

An important part of business that has never gone out of style is the presentation. Even with all the technology we have available, projecting a PowerPoint is still a highly effective way to get your point across. That being said, hooking everything up and getting it up and running is never an easy thing to do. That’s where Electric Slide comes into play.


Instead of a projector, the guests see your presentation right in their browser, which makes the process of getting everything set up an absolute breeze.

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When you use this app for presentations, all you need to do is give the people you’re presenting to a special URL. They type that into their browser, and then see the presentation you are sharing. On your end, you can scroll through PowerPoints and Excel spreadsheets just like you would when hooked up to a clunky projector, but without all the messy wires and complications that come with that.

electric slide

You can see who is viewing the slide show and notes that people viewing the slide show will not see. This lets you get a feel for what’s going on during the presentation while the other people in the show will only see the presentation you have created for them. If you are old school, the app also supports the ability to connect your iPhone or iPad to a projector using HDMI, VGA, or Airplay.



  • Make presentations from your iPhone and iPad.
  • No need for wires and projectors.
  • See who is viewing the slide show and view notes.
  • Connect to a projector if you should so choose.

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