EggWatchers: Online Egg Timer

Israel Nicolas 05-02-2010

EggWatchers is an online egg timer that helps to prepare a perfect boiled egg and entertains you by showing videos from YouTube while you wait for your egg to be cooked. The site even lets you specify the type of egg you want to cook.


online egg timer

To use EggWatcher’s timer, go to the site and choose what size of egg is to be cooked. Then specify if the egg is refrigerated, and how you want it to be cooked (runny, squidgy, or firm). After starting the timer, the website will play a random video from YouTube while showing you an indicator of the cooking egg’s progress. By the time the video is done the egg timer goes off and you will be asked if you want to make another egg.

Although the idea seems silly at first, the website is actually very useful for those with kitchen PCs. With Egg Watchers, you won’t have the dilemma of whether you have to check on your cooking or finish watching the video – really a win-win situation for bored kitchen folks.

online egg timer


  • Watch a video from YouTube while you wait for your egg to be cooked.
  • Provides an accurate timer by letting you specify what kind of egg is to be cooked.
  • Share Egg Watchers on other websites.

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