Get Educated On Online Web Apps & Services With Grovo’s Video Lessons

Saikat Basu 20-05-2011

The internet is as much a part of our habits as flossing. I don’t floss every day, but I make it a point to get on the web the first thing in the morning. I suspect this is true for most of you reading this post. But how ‘digitally’ educated are we about the web and the many apps and tools it throws up? Our very own site is a great place to learn how to make use of software and web apps. It’s not the only one.


Grovo is another fresh ‘n new online learning tool you can use if you want to grade up your internet education. All the education and training on Grovo is through online videos. But then there are so many other places for online video tutorials Learning Photography: 5 YouTube Channels to Become a Pro There are hundreds of channels dedicated to photography lessons. The good ones are buried in the noise. We picked five of the best for you. Read More . Where does Grovo come in?

How Does Grovo Help Me?

Let’s understand it through the word – Grovo, which is a fun brew of ‘grow’ and ‘vocation’. More specially, it is a collection of video lessons that help you discover the nuts and bolts of today leading web apps in cloud services, social media, productivity, and online marketing.

For instance, you have heard all about Facebook but can’t figure out the difference between Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages. Grovo’s video tutorials on Facebook help to scatter the cloud of confusion. Each lesson shows you how to do something specific on one website or topic.

web app video tutorial

Grovo’s focus is on online web apps and web services and with it’s professionally produced content gives the site its USP. Here’s a glimpse at the subjects which Grovo covers:


An Example of a Learning Session on Grovo

Grovo has free and premium (for businesses) plans. Right now, let’s register for free and check out what’s on offer.

The next step serves as a launching pad for your first lesson. Grovo gives you three suggestions – pick one.

web app tutorial

For instance, I want to learn more about Dropbox. The All Courses page lists all sites that Grovo covers with its lessons.


web app tutorial

I can drill down to the course title I am looking for or use the Filter Courses list. Some courses have a “G” (those are paid business courses) courses marked next to them, and some are tagged as ‘under construction’. The introductory tutorials in some of the business courses are free.

web app tutorial

Going back to my course on Dropbox, I see that the course page has 6 short video lessons. From here on, the design of Grovo and its usefulness as a learning app emerges.


video tutorial

I can click on Description and get an overview of the course.

video tutorial

I can take the sample quiz or the complete quiz for the course and see how much of the learning I have retained.


video tutorial

Takeaways sum up the key points and gist of the entire course.

Get Educated On Online Web Apps & Services With Grovo’s Video Lessons grovo08

Glossary of course, lists all the technical jargon you might have come across in the course.

Get Educated On Online Web Apps & Services With Grovo’s Video Lessons grovo09

The Video Lesson Itself

All these features come together for each video lesson you take on the site. The video lessons are professionally produced with excellent screencasts. For that chancy attention span of yours, they are also short. Though there are quite a few half an hour long videos too.

web app video tutorial

All activity is logged on your account and you can always check your progress and track it.

The Appeal of Grovo

Grovo so far is ad- free. The video lessons are engagingly created with the best practices of instructional theories in mind. Video lessons, lesson notes and quizzes help you to grasp the ins and outs of a web technology quickly. The navigation bar on top of the page makes finding a relevant course a painless experience. The site says that they ‘operate on two-week production cycles’. So you can actually look forward to fresh content.

Is it just one of those new video tutorial sites on the backwash of YouTube? Or does it make for a focused learning experience if you are new to the internet or a particular web service? I think Grovo holds lots of promise for continuing one’s web education. What do you think?

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