ecDB: A Simple Way To Manage Your Electronic Inventory Online

Hammad 25-03-2012

ecDB, short for Electronic Component Database is an online website that every mechanic and electrical engineering student/professional will love.


electronic inventory online

The website allows users to keep their electronic inventory organized, and gives them the option to keep a track of the items they currently own and the items required for different projects.

Use the “Add Component” tab to add components of your project, which will be used to keep track of their quantity, their type and location, and many details that are more important. The “Shopping List” tab can be used to add items to your online shopping cart, which you are in need of for your project.

The items can be further organized into different categories allowing users to filter them and sort them accordingly.

Another great upcoming feature on ecDB is the Public Components tab that allows users to list the components they have in spare quantity or the ones they want – with users having the ability to send messages to each other to buy/sell required components for a cheaper price.



  • Free and easy to use.
  • Keep track of your project, the electric components required and the total price of the project.
  • Organize your items and have a complete list of items at your disposal online.

Check out ECDB @

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