eBay vs. Amazon: Which One Is Best for Online Shopping?

Ryan Dube 18-09-2018

When you’re considering eBay versus Amazon for shopping online, the best choice isn’t always obvious. There’s a lot to consider. Everything from selection, quality of products, shopping costs and time, and customer support are all issues you need to consider.


To make this easier for you, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of shopping at eBay and Amazon so you can choose the best option before clicking that “Buy” button!

eBay vs. Amazon: Things to Consider

You can find almost anything your heart desires at either eBay or Amazon. Making the decision to shop at one site or the other boils down to the following factors.

  • Do you want new or used? Does cost matter more than quality?
  • Are you looking for something that’s hard to find?
  • Do you know what you want, or prefer to browse instead?
  • Does a personal connection with the seller matter to you?

Your answers to each of these questions will determine which site, eBay or Amazon, you should be using to buy.

Cost vs. Quality

Some people prefer getting the best deal on a specific item or brand, and may not care whether the box was opened or if the product was used once or twice. Other people care a great deal about receiving a new item in a sealed box.

As an example, let’s look at Sony’s sports earphones, the Sony MDR-AS210/B.


Sony MDR-AS210/B Sport In-ear Headphones, Black Sony MDR-AS210/B Sport In-ear Headphones, Black Buy Now On Amazon $14.18

With an Amazon Prime membership, you won’t pay for 2-day delivery. They come to you brand new and sealed in the original factory box, practically overnight.

The eBay online shopping experience is a little different when you search for these, which turns up mixed options for both new and used:

earbuds listed on ebay


New options are usually available at what’s called “Buy It Now” prices, which are usually a little bit higher than Amazon’s new item prices.

You may find some new items listed using the “auction” type sale at a lower price than Amazon. These are sales that multiple people can bid on in hopes of buying it at a lower price than retail. However, if you search completed listings, you’ll find most of these sell at or above Amazon prices.

completed sales on ebay

If you really want items at a lower cost than retail, you need to be willing to accept a slight drop in quality.


Used Means Compromising on Quality and Shipping

This may mean an open-box item or something that was probably used once or twice already.

used earbuds on ebay

Usually open-boxed, refurbished, or used items are available at up to half the price of what items sell for new. This is the area where eBay historically shines. Shipping is often free here as well but at economy rates rather than 2 or 3 day shipping.

Just make sure to read the fine print. There’s a big difference between a set of earbuds in an opened package someone returned to the store and earbuds that have been used many times. Both are kind of gross, but the latter is grosser than the former.


It’s important to note that opting for a used item to save some money is also available at Amazon. They’re not as heavily promoted as new items on Amazon, but inside most new listings you’ll find a link to cheaper used options as well.

used link on amazon

You’ll find items listed in Amazon’s used marketplace at similar prices you’d find at Amazon. And if you keep an eye out for the “Fulfillment By Amazon” option, 2- or 3-day shipping could be free if you have a Prime subscription.

fulfillment by amazon

So if you’re open to used items, either Amazon or eBay are equally good options.

Shopping for Hard-to-Find Items

One area where the eBay online shopping experience excels over Amazon’s is in locating obscure items that are no longer manufactured.

Years ago, when I used to work in the field of automation engineering, we had several pieces of manufacturing equipment break down. They were using old Allen-Bradley automated PLC controllers that had died. They were originally manufactured in the 1980s, and no longer offered for sale.

rare items on ebay

If you’re lucky you might find one of these items for sale in the Used Marketplace on Amazon, but on eBay, you can find many listings of these all day long.

If you’re looking for old electronics, collectibles, or antiques, then shopping eBay is a clear choice.

The Browsing Experience

Another thing that separates the Amazon online shopping experience from that of eBay is the search experience itself. If you know exactly what you want, Amazon’s the place to go and get it quickly.

On the other hand, the eBay online shopping process is tailored toward shoppers who like to browse through items, looking for special gems to buy. It’s far more segmented into specific categories. All you need to do is hover over any of the main menu items to see how many sub-areas there are.

ebay menu

As you drill down into those top-level categories, you’ll see many more categories on the left. Using these lets you browse down into areas you have the most interest in.

ebay categories

Once you identify the category you want to browse, you could spend hours just sifting through all of the unusual and unique items listed there.

browsing on ebay

There are also lots of advanced search features available on eBay 10 eBay Advanced Search Tips for Geeks Use these eBay advanced search tips to search more efficiently on eBay and find what you are looking for. Read More to further hone down your list.

Even though eBay is trying to compete with Amazon in terms of new item offerings that provide free shipping and similar conveniences, this used item browsing experience has always been what makes eBay so popular.

It’s very much like walking through the world’s largest yard sale, and sifting through everything to find exactly what you need, but may not realize it yet. It’s also what makes eBay so wonderfully addictive.

Connecting With the Seller

The last factor you’ll want to take into account when deciding between eBay vs Amazon is whether knowing, or communicating with, the seller of that item matters.

On eBay, you’re far more likely to locate items that were used a few times (or more), that someone decided to sell right out of their own home. Photos aren’t usually professionally done, but they are of the actual item you’re buying. Not just some box plucked out of a warehouse.

used drone on ebay

You also have an opportunity to message the seller and ask very specific questions about the item.

If you want to, you could also send the seller a “Best Offer” to see if they’d be willing to just sell it to you immediately when you’re willing to pay a little bit more than the current asking or bid price.

contacting ebay seller

This aspect of eBay gives it more of a community feel. You’re connecting with a real person, not some corporation. You know exactly what you’re getting, and the history about it as well.

If connecting with the seller is important to you, then eBay is your best bet. However, if you’re just looking to buy something new off the shelf and really don’t care who’s shipping it to you, then Amazon is the place to shop.

eBay vs. Amazon: Make Your Choice!

To sum up, if the following factors are most important to you, then you’re better off with the eBay online shopping experience:

  • Willing to accept a few imperfections for a much lower price
  • Not really concerned with fast shipping so long as you can save money
  • You need to buy something that’s out-of-stock or not manufactured anymore
  • Enjoy browsing and discovering unique items
  • You enjoy a more community feel and relationship with the seller

If the following factors are critical for you, then you should go to Amazon to make your purchases:

  • Prefer receiving items new-in-box and are willing to pay a little more for that
  • Would like to get your purchased item quickly
  • The item you’re buying is available in most stores but you’d like to find the best deal
  • Don’t really want to waste time searching for your item

Ultimately, there is no winner in this race. It really boils down to what kind of online shopping experience Is AliExpress Legit and Safe to Buy From? What is Aliexpress? Is it safe to shop on? Are there any security vulnerabilities? Our Aliexpress review finds out if it's legit. Read More you prefer. This is different for everyone, so consider all the factors above when making your choice. And don’t forget to explore our Amazon shopping guide The Amazon Shopping Guide This free Amazon shopping guide outlines everything you need to know to make the best use of Amazon and secure the best deals. Read More  and our online shopping guide The MakeUseOf Online Shopping Guide Learn how to hunt sales and use the latest websites and tools to do online shopping the right way. Read More !

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  1. fred miller
    October 13, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    ive been with both for about 8 years. i have found, for my uses, ebay is a better experience. amazon is crammed with so much chinese junk. i have been scammed with 2 products on Amazon and they don't stand up for the buyer. It is a place to sell junk. I have gotten wrong parts from Ebay but once was my fault and the other time they refunded me. I think overall experience is more positive on Ebay. Its ironic because i signed up for both but never thought i would use Ebay until the amazon junk factor set in. Reading the reviews on amazon is a practice in patience and linguistic skills.
    Ebay has helped me build a nice hobby. Amazon has not. amazon 2 day delivery means 2 full days and delivery at evening. Call it 3 practical days. I am ready to drop Amazon but i got my parents using it so ill have to spend time steering them to ebay more often. I just feel greasy when i shop Amazon. I think it is because they just dont care about the shopper.

  2. Jo
    January 5, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Amazon shipping is slower than EBay's if you don't have prime. It's been over a week and Amazon still hasn't even shipped my package. EBay usually ships within 3 business days at the latest.

    • mydude
      March 6, 2019 at 5:45 pm

      Amazon loves to hold you package till last estimated delivery date. Then they over night ship the package.

      Ordered a package from Ebay a week after ordering from Amazon and received Ebay's item within four days. Amazon still has not shipped.

  3. Lisa
    November 27, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Also return policy. Amazon has a better and quick return policy. Once it hits the ups store etc I get a refund. I wait weeks for an eBay refund.