What Is eBay’s Second Chance Offer?

Nancy Messieh 21-08-2018

eBay provides sellers with quite a few tools when it comes to dealing with buyers who don’t pay for the items they bid on.


One of these tools—the Second Chance Offer—makes it possible to sell the item to someone else if the original buyer doesn’t pay.

What Is eBay’s Second Chance Offer?

A second chance offer allows eBay sellers to sell an item to someone who bid on it, but didn’t win it. The offer can be made within 60 days of the auction ending. With the Second Chance Offer, the buyer pays the amount they originally bid on the item.

Second Chance Offers are only available for auction items.

When Can Second Chance Offers Be Used?

The second chance offer can be used in three situations:

  1. The winning bidder didn’t pay and attempts to secure the payment or resolve the issue failed.
  2. The seller’s reserve price wasn’t met.
  3. The seller has more than one of the item available for sale.

How Do You Make a Second Chance Offer?

First, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to cancel the original transaction before you can make the Second Chance Offer. This should not be done unless you’ve exhausted all options of trying to get the buyer to pay for the item.

  1. Go to My eBay > Sold.
  2. Find the item in question and click More Actions > Cancel this Order.
  3. Enter the reason for the cancellation.

To make a second chance offer, you’ll need to login to eBay in a browser. The app does not currently include this feature:

  1. Go to My eBay Selling Activity or Seller Hub.
  2. Click More actions > Second Chance Offer.
  3. Select the number of items you have to sell, the expiration date/time for the offer (one, three, five, or, seven days), and the users to whom you are extending the second chance offer.
  4. Click Continue.

eBay will send those bidders an email, and they have the choice to accept the offer. If the bidder doesn’t respond within the duration you allotted, the offer will expire. Some sellers also recommend sending a follow-up email explaining why the item is available as a Second Chance Offer.

If the buyer does accept the offer, you will pay the same eBay final value fee as you would on any other sale.

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