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EBay Now Is No More, Trade Your iPhone For A BlackBerry, & More… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 25-11-2014

Also, UK Government starts snooping, Redbox raises prices, Sony pulls PS Vita ad, and the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


EBay Now Disappears From App Store

EBay has pulled its eBay Now app from the App Store, but the move doesn’t necessarily mean the end for the same-day delivery service. According to TechCrunch, eBay Now is “moving to core,” or, in other words, becoming part of the overall eBay experience rather than an outlier with its own dedicated app.

EBay Now offered customers the opportunity to order goods from local retailers, which would then be delivered within hours for an additional fee of $5. The service was only ever rolled out to selected American cities, including San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, with plans to expand further never coming to fruition.

It remains to be seen whether this really is the end for eBay Now, or whether the company will double-down on the initiative.

Trade-Up To A BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has announced a new ‘Trade-Up’ program offering “limited time incentives” for anyone switching to a BlackBerry. This is primarily aimed at iPhone users who may be growing tired of Apple, with substantial cash rewards available for those ditching their iPhone in favor of a BlackBerry Passport BlackBerry Passport Reviews, iOS 8.0.1 Update Bricks iPhones, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Amazon Wishlist, Chrome's endless runner, Sunset Overdrive trailer, and testing the bendiness of smartphones. Read More .

All iPhones from the 4s up are supported, but the newer the model, the more money is being offered to switch. Trading in the iPhone 4s will get you just $90, while trading in a newer iPhone 6 will get you up to $400. There is no word yet on how much a bent iPhone 6 Plus Trolling Apple: The 18 Best Reactions To The iPhone 6 Bending [Weird & Wonderful Web] Apple was trolled hard over the iPhone 6 Plus bending, and we have compiled the best reactions to BendGate just for you. Read More is worth though.


UK Government To Retain IP Addresses

The UK Government looks set to force ISPs to retain information linking individuals to IP addresses for 12 months. This is set to be a cornerstone of the new Anti-Terrorism and Security Bill — the successor to the failed Communications Data Bill — due to be outlined in full later this week.

After the Communications Data Bill, accurately dubbed the Snoopers’ Charter, failed to find favor in the House Of Commons, ministers went back to the drawing board and drew up these plans instead. The main aim of the Anti-Terrorism and Security Bill is to help the security services identify terrorists, but for that to happen, everybody loses an element of privacy Privacy In The UK: The Data Retention And Investigation Powers Bill Read More .

Redbox Raises Rental Prices

Redbox is raising its rental prices, with the cost of a DVD rising from $1.20 to $1.50 (25 percent) and the cost of a Blu-ray rising from $1.50 to $2 (33 percent). To lessen the impact of this change, Redbox is promising to turn over stock more efficiently, and provide Netflix-style recommendations 5 Ways To Enhance Your Netflix Account In Chrome The Netflix interface could use a little improvement, so I've found some Chrome extensions to make my Netflix account look prettier. And no, it doesn't involve a bit of lipstick and some rouge. Read More to those who want them.

Sony Pulls Euphemistic PS Vita Ad

Sony has pulled its latest ad for the PlayStation Vita, with the video (embedded above) briefly appearing on the company’s YouTube channel. The ad shows a female doctor talking to the viewer about what at first appears to be masturbation but turns out to be handheld gaming on the PS Vita PlayStation Vita Slim Review And Giveaway Is this Vita Slim (also known as the Vita 2000) better than the original? Read More .


It’s clearly aimed at young male gamers, but whether or not it’s sexist is up for debate. It’s not yet clear why Sony pulled the ad: it could have been due to charges of sexism, or it could have been the plan all along to aid the video going viral. After all, we’re talking about it right now.

First Star Wars Trailer Drops Friday

And finally, the first trailer for the new Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is to be shown in selected movie theaters this Friday (Nov. 28). Polygon has a fairly comprehensive list, but it seems likely some moviegoers will stumble upon the 88-second teaser by mistake.

The rest of us can just wait until Saturday morning when it will have leaked on YouTube. Disney is then likely to officially release the trailer online early next week. In the meantime, check out our list of alternative names for Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Force Awakens: 25 Alternative Names For Star Wars VII [Weird & Wonderful Web] Star Wars is back, with The Force Awakens due to be released on Dec. 18, 2015. Unhappy with the title, the Internet suggested its own alternatives... Read More .

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