How to Estimate eBay Prices and Find Out What Items Are Worth
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Whether you’re planning on listing items to sell or interested in purchasing items for yourself, it’s actually pretty easy to find out how much any given product is worth on eBay.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a used Fuji X100s but aren’t sure what you should pay. Follow the steps for listing an item. You’ll get an estimated range of prices before you have to confirm the listing:

  1. Click Create a listing and enter the name of the item and any specific details. (eBay provides this example: Men’s blue adidas glide running shoes size 11). In the case of the X100s, if you don’t have the exact details on hand, eBay can offer suggestions.
  2. Select the condition of your item: New, Used, Refurbished, For Parts/Not Working.
  3. You should now see a screen where you can add additional information and photos to your listing. Scroll down to the Price your item section.

eBay can give you a price range based on that initial information. The suggested range can be quite wide since it’s based on similar items sold in the past 90 days. The more information you add to your list, the more precise a price range eBay should be able to suggest.

How to Estimate eBay Prices and Find Out What Items Are Worth eBay Pricing e1500309908386

Search Completed Listings

Another way you can get a sense of prices on eBay is to search completed listings. This is the same source of the information above, but you can look at specific listings and, if you’re planning on selling an item, get a good sense for what sells.

Go to eBay’s Advanced Search Page and enter the the search term for your product, select the condition, and be sure to check Completed Listings under Search including.

How to Estimate eBay Prices and Find Out What Items Are Worth eBay Advanced Search

If you prefer a more interactive user interface, you can go beyond eBay’s own site and try something like Price Geek which will show you completed listings as well as those ending soon.

You can also dive in to the specific listings, with Price Geek showing you if the item was under or over-priced, and you can also check out their eBay pages to see exactly how the item was listed.

How to Estimate eBay Prices and Find Out What Items Are Worth PriceGeek

Do you have any tips or tricks for finding what any given product is worth on eBay? Let us know in the comments. 

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