EasyIdCard Is the Online ID Card Maker You Need

Ben Stegner 22-01-2009

Need to create an ID badge? Perhaps you want to carry around a funny ID for laughs, or need to create badges for a staff team at an event How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Project Management OneNote is the ideal collaboration tool for managing simple projects in small teams. And it's completely free. See how OneNote can help your projects take off! Read More . Whatever your need, EasyIDCard lets you create them without much hassle.


Head on over to the site and click the big Start button to get started. The site will ask you to register, but you can click the Submit button under Try Guest Account Now! to give the editor a try without signing up.

On the left side, you’ll see common categories of ID such as Corporate ID, Fire Dept ID, and Child ID. You can click one of these to view templates, or choose Blank ID Badge if you’d rather design your own.

EasyIdCard Is the Online ID Card Maker You Need EasyIDCard Editor

Once you’ve chosen a template, you can edit the existing elements to suit your needs using the built-in editor.

Use the items at the top to add a photo, text, barcode, or a bar. Or click any of the default content to edit/replace it. Clicking the picture, for instance, brings up a Replace Image button if you like the default positioning.


Each of the four categories above has its own controls, such as font and color for text. Make sure to click Back underneath the card if you want something on the rear side! When you’re satisfied, click Save As at the top to give your card a name.

You’ll need to create an account from there in order to view purchasing information. Cards arrive in typical plastic form, giving them a realistic look and feel. In our testing, one card costs $12 plus a $6 processing charge.

Of course, these aren’t authorized government ID. But if you want to make fun cards for a club or something, these could do the trick. Make sure to tuck yours into an RFID-blocking wallet What Is an RFID-Blocking Wallet? (And Which Should You Buy?) If you have cards, passports, or devices with RFID chips, then an RFID-blocking wallet could be important for keeping your data safe. Read More !

Have you ever needed a custom ID card? Did you order one from this site? Tell us if this interested you in the comments!

Image Credit: SK Design via Shutterstock

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    You can not print from your printer for FREE you have to order. This is so false advertising.