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Have you ever wanted to create a poster on your little printer but never thought you could due to size issues? Well that is where Easy Poster Printer comes in. It lets you load up an image to printed as a poster and it will setup a grid with 8 1/2 x 11 pieces so you CAN print that poster out but you WILL need glue or tape to put them all together! There is a technical term for tiled-printing and it is called rasterbation (insert snarky joke here).

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  • Dutch and English Interface options.
  • Create ANY size poster using normal A4 paper to a max of 20 meters by 20 meters.
  • Save your poster and share it with others.
  • Print or Preview any page at any time.
  • Load, Clear, Rotate or Flip the poster image on the fly.
  • Define your poster size in Millimeters, Centimeters, Inch or even pages.
  • Adjust the poster size using build-in snap algorithms for up or down size.
  • See your posters as thumbnails in Windows Explorer (Vista or later only).
  • Save your own custom formats for easier reproduction.
  • Make high quality posters from regular images (super resample algorithm) (150-600 DPI).
  • Use Drag And Drop for both data-files and image-files.
  • Change background color.
  • Copy and Paste images directly into the poster.
  • Similar tools: PicSlice, BlockPosters and Rasterbator HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall Read More .
  • Check out Easy Poster Printer @ www.gdsoftware.dk/products.aspx
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    1. Sedrik
      October 22, 2016 at 3:54 pm

      Nice prog!
      im actually using RonyaSoft poster designer, have no regrets still, but this one prog, also not bad! good luck!