EasilyDo: Smart Personal Assistant With Social Features [Android]

Azim Toktosunov 29-05-2013

Easilydo is a to-do list app and a smart personal assistant combined in a single application. Its most significant feature is that it notifies you in advance of what you need to do and automatically assists you in getting those things done. It connects to your social networks, emails, calendar, contacts and location data and then lets you stay organized and get things done by getting you the right information at the right time.


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It tells you the traffic for your daily commute, notifies you when to leave, warns you of bad weather, files receipts, monitors for important emails,  organizes contacts, tracks packages and reminds you of birthdays.

Information automatically appears when you need it. And it all happens from within this single app, which is way more convenient than having to go through multiple apps to get things done.

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It takes all of the mundane tasks you always mean to do but never do like merging duplicates in your address book, adding contacts from recent emails or filing receipts etc. It even auto dials your phone and sends text messages when you are running late.


The app is free to download and is available from the Google Play Store.


  • Connects to and uses data from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Exchange, IMAP, Evernote, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Get birthday reminders, event invites and important updates shared by friends.
  • Get updates on what you need to do or know at any moment.
  • Merges duplicates in your address book.
  • Adds contacts from recent emails.
  • Get “time to leave’ alerts and directions to your home, work or next appointment
  • Auto dials calls

Check out EasilyDo @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. andrewjb44
    May 29, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    The app is actually for iOS too! Check out for a direct link to the app.