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It’s Now Even Easier to Buy Gig Tickets on Spotify

Dave Parrack 19-06-2017

Spotify is making it easier than ever for music lovers to buy gig tickets through the streaming music service. This is thanks to new partnerships with digital marketing platforms Eventbrite and AXS, both of which now provide listings that will appear in the Spotify app itself.


Most of us use Spotify for one thing and one thing alone… listening to music. However, Spotify is capable of so much more. Not only can you listen to podcasts about new music Spotify Launches New Podcasts All About Music Spotify is ramping up its interest in producing original content. This time with a trio of podcasts delving deep into different aspects of the music industry. Read More , you can also buy gig tickets to shows in your area. And now, thanks to new partnerships, that’s easier than ever.

More Ways to Buy Tickets on Spotify

Spotify has announced new partnerships with AXS and Eventbrite. Both companies will now have live ticket feeds embedded directly into Spotify. Spotify already had existing partnerships with Ticketmaster and Songkick, but these new partnerships add more artists and venues.

The method for finding gigs you may be interested in attending remains the same. Just click on the Concerts tab and explore via artist or location. Once you have found the gig you want to attend, just click on it to be taken to the website of whichever platform is managing ticket sales.

Dean DeWulf, Senior Vice President of Music for AXS, said, “This integration enables a direct connection between the 100 million Spotify users and seeing their favorite bands live. Fans, Artists, promoters and our venue clients all benefit from this aligned technology — it’s a natural fit that extends the reach of the AXS platform into the Spotify ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, Dana Tom of Eventbrite said, “Spotify listeners can complete their ticket purchase on Eventbrite in two quick taps — no login or captcha required. Since every additional step costs 10% in conversion on average, this smooth checkout experience will reduce overall drop-off and dramatically increase ticket sales for artists and promoters.”


Matching Music Lovers With Live Events

It’s not clear how many people use Spotify to buy gig tickets How to Buy Gig Tickets on Spotify in Under 5 Minutes I recently stumbled onto the Concerts tab in Spotify, and am now convinced it’s one of the best places to find and buy gig tickets. Read More in their local area. We’re guessing it’s a small percentage of the millions of people who attend shows every year. However, matching music lovers with live events that interest them is an obvious way for Spotify to better serve its users. We’re just wondering why Spotify hasn’t just started selling the tickets itself yet.

Do you have a Spotify subscription? How much do you pay every month? Do you think you’re making full use of your Spotify subscription? If not, why not? Have you ever bought a gig ticket through Spotify? Will you do so now? Please let us know in the comments below!

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