EagleGet: A Visually Appealing Download Manager For Your PC

moin 15-04-2013

EagleGet is a piece of freeware for your PC that acts as a visually appealing download manager for your computer. If you are tired of slow downloads, then EagleGet is precisely what you need. You start by downloading the setup file of EagleGet that is sized at nearly 3 MB. Once you are done downloading and installing the application, you can open up the app and click on ‘Add Download’ to add download URLs for files that you want to get.


download manager for pc

The application also integrates itself into Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox so any download coming from these browsers is caught by EagleGet. While downloading an application you are able to specify whether to open it automatically once its download is complete.

You can also specify the proxy to use with each new download. A helpful download location chooser shows you how much free space you have in the selected drive. Once your download begins, it shows up under the “All” and “Processing” categories in the app. Finished downloads are placed in the “Completed” section and further categorized appropriately.


Through the application’s options, you are able to specify a few useful things such as whether to scan each file downloaded using your antivirus. You can also enable a PC shutdown once all your files have been downloaded.


EagleGet: A Visually Appealing Download Manager For Your PC EagleGet2

In addition to these features and its visually appealing interface, EagleGet also offers video downloading capabilities. Simply head on over to a video streaming page and click on the EagleGet download link that appears next to the video to begin grabbing the video.


Check out EagleGet @

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  1. Jim J
    October 4, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    There is a problem integrating EagleGet with chrome & firefox.I got help here------

  2. Mayer
    April 17, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Thank you for your compliments! I will do my best to improve EagleGet, making it with more functions and better stability!

    I would like to add something that...

    * EagleGet support fully customized User-Agent.
    * Users can monitor running and completed tasks with TaskMonitor (a float window).
    * EagleGet can automatic run virus scan after download.
    * EagleGet has the function to verify integrity of downloaded files.
    * EagleGet has the speed limit function.

    BTW, Download Scheduler and online video to MP3 converter is being developed, more new features will coming soon. :)

    Best Regards.