Dropproxy: Anonymously Share Files From Dropbox

Tim Brookes 01-04-2013

Dropbox was one of the first and most widely-adopted cloud storage solutions and still stands out among the crowd for its simple design, desktop apps and extra space for referral bonuses How To Get The Most Free Space On Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive & More - The Complete Guide Cloud storage services offer a minimum amount of free space to everyone who signs up, but you can often get more. You can upgrade your cloud drive with gigabytes and gigabytes of free space in... Read More . Sharing files from Dropbox is remarkably easy and can be done with specific friends or using a public link. The problem with using the latter option though is that your Dropbox username will be included next to that public link, a problem if you would like to share anonymously.


dropbox share anonymously

Worse still once someone has one of your private links they can access your entire public folder, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’ve only shared items you’re happy for the world to see. Dropproxy is a neat service designed to remedy this potential compromise in privacy Online Privacy: Do You Share Too Much Information? Sharing has always been a prominent part of what the Internet is and how it functions. And with social networks exploding in popularity in the past several years, sharing is probably the one aspect we... Read More by removing your username and supplying you with an alternate link for sharing.


The service can be used to shield individual files or whole user public folders from revealing your identity, all you need to do is supply a link to the file in question or your Dropbox user ID (the first number after /u/ in public links). Once you’ve input the data Dropproxy returns a link for you to share, which you should use instead of the standard Dropbox public links in future.


  • Guard your identity regardless of the files you are sharing.
  • Removes your username as well as the ability for those who click public links to get a hold of your user ID and the contents of your public folder.
  • Free, and very simple to use – a must if you sport a tin-foil hat!

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