Droidicious: A Beautiful Delicious Bookmark Client [Android]

Dave LeClair 31-07-2012

One of the most popular ways to keep track of bookmarks is with Delicious. It allows users to keep track of everything with a detailed list of tags. For someone who bookmarks many sites, Delicious is a lifesaver for finding things later on. Of course, many users want to take their bookmarks with them when they hit the road, and that is exactly what Droidicious allows them to do.


delicious bookmark client

Droidicious allows you find your favorite websites easily with a slew of search and navigation features. You can easily search by typing in a tag. You can also sort your bookmarks by name or by the number of links in the tag. The links can be sorted by description and timestamps. All of these features are designed to help you find what you need quickly.


You can also use this app to add bookmarks to Delicious using this app. You can add tags yourself or the app will even suggest tags for you. This app is designed to work well on Android tablets and phones.


  • Easy to use Delicious client for Android.
  • Search your bookmarks by tab.
  • Sort tags by name and number of links.
  • Sort links by timestamp and description.
  • Remove tags, links and rename links.

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