Droid Timelapse: Use Your Android Phone To Record Time-Lapse Videos

MOin 26-04-2013

Time-lapse photography is actually a filming technique, contrary to the ‘photography’ in its name. The technique is basically used to create an effect that feigns the speeding up of time. You might have seen a traffic view scene in a movie where the cars seem all sped up and the lights seems to act as lines….that is time-lapse photography.


What is done is that pictures are taken at a lower frame rate (say, 3 frames per second) but they are played back at a higher frame rate (say, 30 frames per second). Here to bring the time-lapse photography technique to your Android smart device is an excellent application called Droid Timelapse.

time lapse video android

Droid Timelapse is a free to use smart device application compatible with devices running Android OS 4.0 or later. Using the application, you are able to create time-lapse videos. You start by installing the application, running it, and pointing it to a scene that you want to record. It is advisable to keep the phone still or rest it on a stationary object.

You can then select color effects to apply to the video, focus modes for the video, frame capture rate for the images, maximum duration of the video, and the resolution of the video. This latter option provides you with 480p, 720p, and 1080p options.


Once you are done setting the options, you can begin recording your video. The output video format is mp4.


  • A user friendly smartphone app.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Lets you record time-lapse videos.
  • Lets you select quality, maximum video length, and more.
  • Similar tools: Chronolapse and PhotoChron.

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