How To Draw Cartoon Animals: Learn To Draw Cartoon Animals [Android 1.6+]

MOin 30-11-2011

Have you ever wondered how some people easily draw cartoon characters on a blank page? It all comes from practice. Unfortunately you cannot carry a piece of paper around to practice wherever you are. But you do take your phone everywhere and you can practice drawing cartoon characters on the phone, thanks to an app called “How To Draw Cartoon Animals”.


learn to draw cartoon animals

How To Draw Cartoon Animals is a free smartphone application for Android devices. The app is sized at at 12MB and is compatible with devices running version 1.6 or later. With the app you get an outline of more than 70 cartoon animals that you can trace with your finger. These 70 drawings include animals, fairy tale characters, cartoon characters, cars, and various other items and characters you find in cartoons.

draw cartoon animals


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