Download To Dropbox: Save Any File Directly To The Cloud [Chrome]

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Skip the downloading step entirely – upload a file directly to Dropbox Dropbox - One Of The Must-Have Apps If You Own An iPhone Dropbox - One Of The Must-Have Apps If You Own An iPhone Ever since I went over to the Dark Side earlier this year to get my cookies and buy an iPhone, one app has been completely invaluable to me - Dropbox. In fact, I would go... Read More from within Chrome, thanks to an extension called Download To Dropbox. With this installed all you need to do is right-click any download link, then click “Upload to Dropbox” – and you’re done. The file will be sent directly to your Dropbox, meaning it will quickly sync to all of your computers and other devices.

This is great if you’re downloading a file on one computer that you intend to use on another one – or if you’re downloading a file specifically for use on your mobile device (downloading APK files for your Android device, for example).


Before you can use the extension you will need to authorize it to use Dropbox. Click the extensions icon in the extension tray and you’ll be directed to the authorization screen. Once that’s done you can start directing files to Dropbox with a right-click, and you can check the progress of current downloads by clicking the icon.

Download To Dropbox: Save Any File Directly To The Cloud [Chrome] uploadtodropbox uploading

You’ll find all files you upload to Dropbox in a specific folder: /Dropbox/Apps/Downloads From Chrome/. One the file is there you can move it to whichever folder you like, either by using the desktop client or doing so on the web. If you want to save your files directly to the cloud, no desktop required, this app is highly recommended. It’s particularly perfect if you use a browser-based OS, such as Google’s ChromeOS.


  • An easy-to-use Chrome extension.
  • Quickly sends any file you’d otherwise download directly to Dropbox.
  • Uses an application-specific folder within Dropbox for files.
  • Great if you intend to use a file specifically on a mobile device.
  • Perfect for ChromeOS users looking for way to save files directly to the cloud.
  • Similar: Cloud Save Cloud Save: Save Files Directly to the Cloud [Chrome] Cloud Save: Save Files Directly to the Cloud [Chrome] Cloud Save sends would-be downloads directly to web-based services, including Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and more. Simply right-click a file, then decide where you'd like to send your file. It's a feature so... Read More .

Check out Upload To Dropbox @ The Chrome Web Store

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  1. Vampie C.
    February 20, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    So if I understand it correctly, the file does NOT get downloaded locally?